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BMW E70 X5 with CCC iDrive - Maximized Safety feature Pt.2

In previous post, We've shared what We've installed on this MY09 E70 X5, with CCC iDrive system. - Which were Front Camera and blind spot alarm.

After seeing that the front camera's quality (which is significantly better than any camera that BMW offers), the customer wanted to know if we can replace the rear camera to match the quality.

Above image is a Factory Reverse camera set up in CCC iDrive, equipped with dynamic guideline and visual sensor (known as OPS / PDC).

Although this system was some sensational tech and quality back then, It's 7 years old system.

Luckily the system doesn't seem damaged through its age, yet the screen was blurry and couldn't see much in night, in both brightness and contrast wise, It was pretty hard to figure out what's behind the car.

Hence under request of the customer, we've integrated our own Rear camera, right into the iDrive display - to show rear sight whenever car is reversing, just like the original camera.

If you see it without much attention, you won't be able to tell but only can figure out the guideline has been changed.

But in fact, the whole camera has been changed and it's been shown with existing sensor display. - in real life you could see it's more crisp, bright and well contrasted.

This is the comparison photo took while both cameras were active at the same time:

The left is the Factory camera, whilst the right one is the new camera we've integrated.

You may think the Naviplus's camera seems better due to the size of it - yet if you see it carefully that factory one isn't crisp and sharp enough to show all the details.

Of course It won't be a big deal in daytime, but in night: It could be troublesome.

This is the photo taken when almost heading to the sunset - the car is parked about half of meter from the fence - you can see the those fences are blurred out.

Also, photo took inside of the workshop: although It provides fairly decent ambient light from the ceiling, you can see that those banners on the wall have lost the contrast compare to Naviplus's camera.

In case you are still in doubt of that small sized display is doing its trick - the full screen view from Naviplus's rear camera system: It clearly shows the rearsight, not because of just cameras quality but also the Naviplus's iDrive Integrated system utilizes & displays with better signal and color adoption.

As you could see, Naviplus's iDrive Integrated camera system allows driver to change the rearview mode just like factory one does.

While reversing - up on prolonged press of the cycle button on Steering wheel controls (single button usually leads you to contacts in Bluetooth phone), it will switch between:

- Rear sight with sensor image

- Full rear sight without sensor image - although sensors will still work in audio.

The both camera option (Factory + Naviplus CAM) was only for the demonstration purpose hence both cameras display option will be available - unless your X5 has a Factory fitted camera and also want both to be displayed, and tell others to see that how you got the awesome new camera from Naviplus :P

All those photos in PT1 and Pt2 posts are took from one same car - 2009 BMW E70 4.2L Australian model, with 8.8" iDrive CCC Setup, with Professional Navigation and Camera.

Naviplus team was pleased with the result and also the customer's feedback - who loved the result and wished us nothing but the best.

All those systems introduced in the post are available in almost entire BMWs with iDrive system, either CCC / CIC or CIC-High ones.

Contact Naviplus team for what we can do for your BMW, or any other vehicle that you wish to get similar job done.

Thank you for reading.


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