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Nissan Navara D23 STX - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Installed

Nissan Navara D23 Series - STX trim model

For some reason D23 Navara didn't choose the same headunit / infotainment setup as Pathfinder, like the previous D40 did back then. Instead they've used the same infotainment setup of QashQai / X-Trail models.

The STX trim model uses the same NAV display with 360' cam, same spec as the one in QashQai / X-Trail TI trim model.

And the 360' camera - most of customers are worried if this feature gets removed when they install our product/ or any other aftermarket parts.

For above matter - an 'integration' of aftermarket parts, without removing the headunit will retain the camera function, as the headunit is the one controls the whole park assist setup.

Whereas if you replace the headunit, then 99% of chance you will lose such function.

Our product will retain the camera function - as It does not interfere nor remove anything from the car during the installation process.


Sound Integration - AUX

The reason our product uses the AUX input of an infotainment audio is simply due to our product uses RCA in / out for a sound. Whilst they do use HDMI also, it's strictly for a video, not the sound.

HDMI does support sound in PC setup, but not in automotive - as it's purely for a semi-HD video integration.

The Aux connection will be made between our device and the headunit (behind the headunit via original connectors) , not through the phone.


Engaging CarPlay / Android Auto

It uses the HANG UP button on the steering wheel to swich display mode.

Obviously pressing It once will just work as normal - hanging up a call, our product assigns an additional role of screen switch, triggered when the HANG UP button gets pressd and held for 2 seconds.

The volume / track buttons will continue to work , with our SWC Adapter fitted along with the CarPlay / Android auto unit. (Even without the SWC Adapter, the volume will still work and so does phone call buton)

The cruise contorl buttons will continue to work regardless - as those buttons are not related to the audio in the first place.


The touch panel used for this type of headunit, is a resistive touch, so you can't really expect same smooth & responsive screen as your mobile phone, but certainly does its job when It comes to CarPlay / Android auto.

It's not FHD like Tesla or upcoming Merc S-Class, but certainly 'HQ' enough to be used in your pride and joy.

Check the video below for above info in action:

Thank you for reading.


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