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Factory Audio Integration.

Integration / Retrofitting GPS / Camera and other audio visual accessories to the 

existing Audio screen.

HD DASH CAM Record Camera

Protects yourself in the case of an accident.

Dash Cam provides strong evidence for

insurance disputes and attempted insurance fraud.

Double Din Head Unit Kits

The kits allow for the installation of an Aftermarket audio unit to the vehicle, regardless of whether vehicle has double din sized dash or not.

Park Assist Sensor Installation service
 Both Front & Rear - Park assist Sensors with matching color for your vehicle, to ensure safer parking.

European Auto repair / Diagnostic Service
 Audi / Skoda / BMW / VW / Porsche / Mercedes-Benz / Land Rover - Car Problem Diagnosis & Repair.

Cruise Control Installation

With vehicle specific OEM grade parts,

Installs a solid cruise control feature into your vehicle. - With local brand products only.

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