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Brand New MY15.5 ISUZU D-MAX LS-U - GPS Navigation upgrade is available in Naviplus

Naviplus - ISUZU D-MAX , MUX Factory Audio Integrated GPS Navigation System update#1

Recently ISUZU produced face lifted D-MAX Utes and MUX SUVs, instead of showing MY16, but with MY15.5.

With those new ISUZU D-MAX - unlike its brother Colorado, they still didn't receive proper audio accessories but base audio, or an expensive Nav audio system (for LS-T only).

ISUZU's Factory GPS Audio - only was available on LS-T, as an optional upgrade.

But now, the 8" Touch audio screen just like Colorado's MyLink display is now available as well.

Yet the problem is, due to some ridiculous reason (even claimed by the ISUZU dealerships) ISUZU decided to not include GPS system inside of that new audio system. Not even as an optional add-on nor those CarPlay / MirrorLink type GPS that powered by mobile phone.

Whilst the Holden Colorado is in somewhat same situation but at least It can be upgraded to have BringGO GPS via Mobile phone, ISUZU didn't even consider that option but just got rid of any possible way of adding GPS system to the existing audio system.

Double Din headunit installation with facia

Either purchase highest LS-T to get Factory GPS system, replacing audio system or live with portable / phone gps with cradle.

Yet, us Naviplus is certain that we can provide such solution that ISUZU decided to not to include in their face lift project.

By adding a GPS system, inside of the new audio system of ISUZU and utilize the touch screen of it to provide solid GPS Navigation.

Above photo is the exact audio system of the newest ISUZU audio accessories, available on LS-U trims only.

And once, Naviplus's ISUZU Factory audio integrated GPS system is installed -

By utilizing the 'HOME' button located on center of the command controls, up on prolonged press of it It will switch audio display mode to GPS Mode, whilst the Factory radio / bluetooth / audio stream etc will remain same and played in background.

Not to mention that It won't cause any change / remove / occurred from the car, during & after installation.

Meaning that the warranty of the vehicle won't be affected but to impress others that, your Ute will have a solid GPS that others don't have.

ISUZU ute Factory Audio Integrated GPS system is currently available in Naviplus, fully tested and providing it to our pre-enquired list clients at this stage.

Feel free to contact us for more information ---- EMAIL NAVIPLUS

Meanwhile, here's some opinion / facts regarding ISUZU that you may want to consider the D-MAX over Holden Colorado.

  • Sharper Design

  • Better Priced.

  • Better Transmission & Gear Ratio

  • Exterior Accessories are bit cheaper than Holden's.

Thank you for reading.


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