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HEMA / OziExpolorer Offroad Navigation direct into Toyota Offroad machines - Prado, Kluger, Fortuna

For the Exploring offroads of Australia and New Zealand - Obviously back when technology was little bit dull, we've used Offroad 4WD Atlas books designed for rural / complete bush mappings.

But now, obviously noone really uses book but use Offroad Navigation or App, which is more than good as book has limitation of updating the info, whilst digital map almost has no limit in that purpose.

Australia is one of those countries with great outdoor and offroad exploring, and certainly It will be an absurd if we do not have right map for all those offroad adventures.

HEMA Offroad GPS Navigation is probably one of most acknowledged and being used Navigation just for Offroads, along with it's primary platform, OziExplorer.

And it's being offered to the mobile phone / tablet as well, although the price tag is quite a lot for an app, consider what it can grant is surely acceptable.

Or, you could purchase those portable HEMA Navigator that sticks on windscreen or cars dash.

Which will still grant full function of the HEMA Map and guide you throughout Outbacks of Australia.

But at the same time , you'd prefer if you could watch your Offroad Navigation, through the Factory audio screen of the car - If the car doesn't have one in the first place - well above options will certainly do.

Yet it came to most of drivers attention that, if the car has multiple screens those display each different features, you will easily get distracted and not fully utilizing the fact that the car has a perfect platform to load Offroad Navigation and display on it, without using mobile / portable device.

Naviplus Introduces - Factory Audio Integration - Offroad HEMA / OziExplorer GPS Navigation system.

Which is currently compatible with Toyota's Audio system from:

(Offroad popularity based)

Toyota Prado 2014 to 2015 July models.

Toyota Hilux SR5 from 2014 to Current models regardless of Trim.

Toyota Kluger from 2014 to 2015 July models.

and the Toyota Fortuna from 2014 to current models,

Pretty much above those vehicles, popular for Offroad driving and has APPS features / ready.

What Naviplus Offers is nothing to do with audio replacement or injecting Map straight into the existing Audio system with new Icon in menu (Wish we could do that though).

But more of integrating a Navigation software to the existing audio system, allow it to share audio display with the Factory audio features.

Factory Audio screen - shared between Toyota Hilux and Fortuna from 2015 to Current models.

Naviplus offers exactly that. Adding a Navigation that will share audio display part with the main audio headunit.

Having said that, nothing will be changed nor removed from the car, but adding a HEMA Offroad GPS Navigation, ready to be displayed whenever you press

The hang up button on the steering wheel of your vehicle , twice.

Which will switch the display mode of the audio, to Navigation mode. Whilst the radio / bluetooth audio etc will be played in the background.

And not to mention that the voice guidance of HEMA, will be played through the car speakers, with granting fade in and out to not overplayed with radio / music etc.

Here are some strengths of Naviplus's Factory Audio Integrated HEMA GPS - for Toyota.

1. Easy to Install (well, mainly for 2014-2015 Jul models)

- Due to Naviplus's system is designed to be complete plug and play, you will be able to install it yourself, without taking it to auto electricians.

2. Everything displayed on your Audio screen.

- Instead of mobile / portable device, the Offroad Map will be displayed on existing screen, as if the HEMA was came with the car from Toyota.

This may sound not appealing to you, but consider that how many people would love to have the built-in urban or Offroad GPS Navigation inside of their cars audio.

3. A Genuine HEMA Map, and OEM Quality Navigation.

- You may know that, due to the HEMA Map isn't free and even with purchasing only works for the mobile device, It's somewhat impossible to purchase the HEMA Map that isn't in form of application, unless you buy the HEMA portable device showed you earlier - which will still cost quite a lot for a just small device, that isn't even sure whether It will last long like your vehicle.

While Naviplus provide OEM Quality Navigation that was targeted & designed to be compatible with Fujitsu-Ten Audio of Toyota - It will certainly grant you flawless performance and durability.

Not to mention that It will come with Genuine HEMA Mapping designed for Car Audio integrated accessories like ours.

Which means that you won't need to suffer from poor copy Offroad map that is way outdated & can't be updated, and also free from the purchasing whole new expensive gadget just for the Offroad.

And, although this is our own opinion - it will be a merit & attractive goodie in terms of selling the car.

Who wouldn't want to own a 4WD vehicle, with built-in Offroad Map inside?

Naviplus is currently planning to organize a small but hopefully effective promotion regarding this product - and till then, all enquires are welcomed and will be responded with kind manner.

Don't forget to check out same system, but with urban map for entire Australia, which is currently being discounted for $120 from the unit price - type GET120 on purchase and receive this exclusive discount offer.

Thank you for Reading.


03 9995 6580

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