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Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integrated

We had this 2010 Toyota LC200 Sahara visited us yesterday, for the CarPlay & Android Auto Integration.-

With those LC200s produced from 2008 to 2015, there were about 3 different headunit variants, and easiest to way to distingish those is checking the control pad next to the screen.

This particular vehicle ahd INFO/Tel button - which the rest of variants would have either 'DEST' or Telephone logo itself.

In terms of product wise, all of them pretty much use the same product of ours, just a different cable and method of installation.


For sound integration - to let car speakers play sound from CarPlay / Android Auto - we use AUX input of the audio.

Those audio headunits with either 'INFO / TEL ' or Telephone logo, tends to have the aux input in the car.

Whereas the one with DEST doesn't - in this case you willl need to get it activated / retrofitted.

And with the USB - most of our clients choose Wireless option which soon will become a standard down the track.

But we still do install an USB port for wired / firmware upgrade purpose.

Most of LC200s have that empty button cover allowing drivers to install an aftermarket controllers - like brake controller, tow related button & switch etc. We utilize one of those sockets to install USB port, much better than drawing any hole or cable running around. Those USB integration kit can be purchased from any local Jaycar or auto electrical shop, and it does come with our product without any additional cost.


In order to bring up the CarPlay / Android auto to the screen, our product uses the HANG UP button - press and holding it will send out the signal to switch the display from native audio to CarPlay / Android Auto screen.

And pressing it just once will execute the native call hang up function.

Among those control buttons, the volume & call buttons will work as per normal.

Whereas for the track buttons, those will require a SWC adapter of ours to be fitted, to make those work within media apps of CarPlay / Android auto.

The camera - whether It is just a standard reverse or 360' cam, will continue to work and won't get affected by the installation of our product.

And for those who tows caravan / trailer, our product also offers a caravan camera integration, migrating the caravan cam to show up on the display whenever reversing, by temporarily suppressing factory fitted cam.

Which will be covered soon in the nearest future - as we are expecting one of the previous customers to come back for that job done.

Here's the video taken after the installation - filmed back in Monday the 4th.

Thank you for reading.


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