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JLR Special - CarPlay & Android Auto for Jaguars and Range Rovers

We've been getting quite a lot of visits from Jag / Range Rover owners lately here in Naviplus workshop.

Last week alone we had a Jaguar F-Paand a Range Rover Sport, for CarPlay & Android Auto Integration.

For Range Rover's case - It was MY14 L494 model, and F-Pace was MY16, both didn't have the CarPlay / Android auto from the factory as those models were never meant to have one - as JLR introduced it to their vehicles from 2018/19.

Not to mention that in F-Pace's case, the car had InControl Touch Audio, not 'Pro' - the Genuine Smartphone Retrofit Service of ours couldn't be done as well.


How the CarPlay / Android auto works within the original audio

The simplest term to describe the process is, think of It as adding a PC compoment to a computer.

Obviously the actual installation process will be more than just removing few bolts and plugging in, but won't require any cutting / soldering etc.

The way our system access to those original display / sound system, is using an external audio input for a sound:

Almost every Jag / Range Rover from 2013 to 2016 did have AUX input that our product can use - and even some 2-17 Jags did - just like this F-Pace model.

When we say AUX input - your phone does not need to be connected to the AUX of the car, but our product will, from behind headunit.

It bypass the aux output wire coming out from headunit, and receives / transfers sound signal between the speakers and our product. So the AUX will become a dedicated sound source for CarPlay / Android Auto.

Whereas for the visual wise, It bypasses the 'video signal' from the headunit.

The audio will still launch the native radio / NAV etc, and only brings up CarPlay / Android auto mode when you trigger it, by press and holding the NAV button to switch the display mode - pressing It just once will show the native NAV, so It doesn't actually take away the native function of the button, but assigning an additional role for press and holding It.

With this particular product We've used for this Range Rover Sprot, It doesn't 'replace' the NAV.

Above product is the one we are currently using, for Land Rover models from 2013 to 2016, which does 'replace' the factory fitted NAV - still has quite high 'chance' to retrieve the old NAV back when uninstall our product.

But some customers wanted to keep the original NAV as a backup - esepcially If there's an offroad NAV packagae installed as well.

So We came with this unit, to retain the original Sat Nav, and adding CarPlay / Android Auto, It may need more actionto use as this will require the NAV button to be press and held - but at the same time this will be more beneficial down the track since not a SINGLE thing gets changed / removed from the vehicle.

Which can be checked from the video below:

And here is the one from the Jaguar F-Pace also -


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