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Caravan Camera Integration - For Ford F150, F250 and F350

Along with the Aus Map Integration for those F150 / Super Duty trucks - which we've covered from the previous post:

We also get lots of interests from those truck owners, in relation to a caravan camera / tow camera integration.

Consider lots of them we met, tend to work in agriculture field and tow trailer with equipments or a horse float etc.

Whilst these trucks are great in power and towing capability, they barely came with such equipment or function from Ford - except F550 which was purely designed for that purpose.

And quite hard for owners to use the same / similar accessories used in US - as it involves with sourcing and importing from the USA.


Some of you probably seen the screen above, or used It in the past.

This is somewhat a 'standard' setup for a caravan / tow camera integration, not really an 'integration', but It does do what It's suppose to do - show the back of caravan / whatever you are towing.

You will have the separate screen somewhere on the dash and It turns on when reversing, or manually turn It on to check the rear veiw constantly.

Cheapest setup to do, but not that pretty. And sometimes inconvenient / distracting while you are driving.

The Sync II / III audio that was fitted in Ford trucks do not have such function either, even in US, hence they've been using the similar setup like above.

But nowadays as this integration products like ours are getting noticed, lots of integration devices / solutions are coming out.

The sole purpose of our product is, to use the same equipment in the vehicle, without installing any additional screen nor hardware that is 'visible' on the dash.

And not to mention those original features / functions offered by the car will be retained and perform as those should, as our product will not interfere with those at all.

The Left arrow button on the steering wheel is the button that triggers the tow / caravan camera to show up on the original display, when you press and hold It, the screen flicks to the camera screen, after NAV if our NAV is also fitted.

It invovles with adding hardware device that transfers a video image generated frmo the tow camera, to the original display of Sync II / III audio (We will just say Sync III as most of F Series trucks coming to AUS are 2018+ models these days.)

It won't require any soldering nor cutting wires, as most of connection loom do come with T-Harness type.

The most hard part would be probably bringing the camera wire from audio to tailgate area, to connect It with woza cable etc, but these days most of caravan / heavy duty trailers are somewhat equipped with those cable / harness anyway.

The product above can be checked and purcahsed from the link below:

Thank you for reading.


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