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New headunit for 2015 Polo GTI (6C)

We had the 2015 Polo GTI (6C) model today.

The car came with an error message as below

Emergency Download - No suitable update found. Please insert valid update!. Will reset now. This is the photo we got from the owner before the car was dropped off at our workshop - we always ask for some visual information, whether it's a photo or video before the car comes to us, so we can check what's the problem and prepare parts / tools if available. With cases like this, replacing the headunit / other components 'usually' fixes the problem, regardless of the coding / wiring etc. However, if it's not diagnosed properly from parts to parts and each component, it leaves the chance for the same problem to reoccur. That's why in Naviplus, we request customers to provide us enough time, to do a deep diagnosis on not just malfunctioning parts, but also the whole car, to get a report on the problems / errors and rectify it one by one. VCDS - OEM Diagnostic software for VW models. And this applies to every other brands we work on - We always tend to use a genuine scanning device, to ensure providing a proper scanning / coding service, we can't stress enough on how many those cars we had, claiming that it was diagnosed from elsewhere but showed no problem - but once diagnosed with a proper genuine / OEM grade machines of our showing the bunch of error / failure messages from the car. So with this Polo, the headunit was bricked by an inappropriate update method by the owners or by someone else. Repairing is also an option - however repairing the chipset within the circuit board is sometimes beyond our skillset. And, it won't guarantee whether we can fix the issues with the ACM or not. So for the repair - We've replaced with a following parts The original parts number - 3Q0 035 864 MIB STD2 ZR +/NAV

But we replaced with 3Q0 035 846 MIB2 STD

The whole replacement process was done without any damage on the surface of the dash / plastic trims. And basic programming was done via VCDS and other tool to ensure the headunit is back to normal, along with CarPlay & Android Auto setup (MIB STD doesn't support it) And as you can see the audio is back to live

Naviplus offers diagnostic & repair service, not just for Volkswagen but also any other brands those ever sold in Australia, often we have to learn & investigate more to give you the solution / answer you are looking for, and sometimes we may end up not able to provide service. Yet we assure you that we will take care of your car like we take care of our dream car that finally got our hand on.


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