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Toyota Crown Majesta UZS186 S1 - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integrated

Link to the product :


This is almost a month ago - We had this series 1 Toyota Crown Majesta UZS186 came in for the CarPlay / Android Auto, which seemed still in the compliance process. The car drove just fine but could see that It wasn't in the best shape.

The car's condition doesn't really matter though - as all we work on is the car audio itself.

We aren't expert at all when It comes to JDM cars, yet as far as we know this Crown Majesta was a Series 1 model, which didn't have an internal HDD storage for music / video etc, and had relatively older UI interface compared to those 06-07 models.

Also, the main difference between the series 1 and series II is, (We think) the series 1 used an 'external NAV module' whereas the Series II had the NAV unit built in and uses the external port for something else.

As the series II is currently not supported by our product (which we are hoping to resolve It asap) , we will just focus on series 1 Crown / Majesta in this post.

Above image is somewhat a reference - not an absolute guide, as we are still learning what can be done and what can't. But as far as we've experiecned with 186s - above info seems quite accurate.


Sound Integration - using VTR Cable

Not sure with the other JDM Cars, but none of S180 Crowns came with an AUX or external audio source that can be used for a sound integration. Maybe It's because of how Japanese drivers preferred the video / TV to be used rather than just a sound itself - Consider lots of them often replaced the bottom cd player to a double din / AV receiver.

And to suit that purpose, this VTR Cable is probably the most commonly used & cheapest option.

It plugs behind the headunit, to provide RCA input that will controlled by the TV / Video player of the headunit.

Fortunatley, we had VTR cable this time hence we could finish the job after testing the sound.

The VTR cable's RCA end will connect to our device for a sound integration and play sound when TV is being selected - It bypass the sound hence the TV Tuner will not produce its own sound of buzzing noise.



This is actually a misleading Info - below is somewhat more accurate:

The TV function will be used for a sound integration. Whilst the NAV will be disabled (not like you will ever need the original Sat Nav in the car) and our product takes over.

So really, all you have to do is, when you jump in the vehicle, press the TV Button to select the sound source is set to TV (which connected to our device for CarPlay / Android Aut), then simply press NAV / MAP button to show it on the screen.


Apple CarPlay & Android Auto uses the existing display. Frankly speaking they are not the best displays to use in 2021, but still does its job.

Our product uses the HDMI - GVIF image, although using HDMI It's not even close to 720p HD quality, but as most of audio infotainment displays used 480p resolution (for 7" / 8" displays) , It's more than enough for those displays in Toyota Crown.

But you will need to bear the slow - not sure if you can call it numb - responsive touchscreen, as the display has 15+ years old resistive touch panel on it.

When It comes to the steering wheel controls, generally most of those aftermarket integration products are NOT compatible with those buttons apart from volume keys (since It's hooked to AUX / TV source, It will still work regrardless)

Usually due to those products 'focus' on integration of touch / display or control pad if the car has one like in Audi / BMW / Merc etc.

So we came with a way to integrate it - kinda like using the SWC iSO Adpater - to at least enable those track buttons above MODE, to work within CarPlay / Android Auto's media apps.

Which is add on so there's an additional cost, however It's not an essential as you'd imagine.


Lots of Crown owners have been asking questions lately - mainly to see the compatibility with their pride and joy.

For the record, those Crown from 2006 to 2007 Series II 180s are NOT compatible at the moment, but we are hoping to resolve it asap.

And also for compatibility with those 170/171W models - their headunit is quite old, but we reckon we should be able to get it working - we are actually in process of getting a headunit - turn it on and test it out by end of the next month.

Whereas for 210 / 220 series, the 210 has been tested and installed already - actually done in Japan through our contacts, and we are expecting a GRS224 to be arranged for a test through our client.


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