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Porsche Cayenne - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integrated by Naviplus

MY13 Porsche Cayenne GTS model - The installation was done during a lockdown, the whole installation process was done under strict contactless appointment and all workers worn mask / gloves and sanitizer for surfaces touched wthin the vehicle after the installation was finshed & video taken.


Apple CarPlay & Android is still somewhat most enquired products these days - mainly from Range Rover / Toyota LC200 owners, but we often do get enquiry from either Porsche dealer or individual customers about fitting one into their Cayenne / Macan / 991 etc.

Often people ask why this is necessary and why does it cost a lot more than those USB dongles advertised as CarPlay / Android Auto add on.

First, this isn't a necessary accessory nor an upgrade, not at all.

You can live without one and there are lots of drivers doing exactly that.

But does make things a lot easier and more convenient with update free live maps and music / media apps etc.

And those USB dongles they advertise on ebay / amazon, those are for an aftermarket 'android headunit'.

If the tech was that simple and advanced, to adding a CarPlay / Android Auto to any car that came with an USB port- surely the car manufacturers would've sold It already.

The process in short term - involves with adding a separate small PC-type hardware device that piggybacks to the existing PCM headunit, without any breach of PCM Gateway nor existing functions.

Simply think of It as connecting a gaming console, to a PC using the video port and power adapter - the actuall installation will be a lot more complicated than that though.

Obviously the installation starts with pulling the headunit out from the dash.

We always make sure to protect the dash trims and leathers during the installation process, covering the entire contacting surfaces and clean the dash after installation is finished.

And these are some photos from the installation process - which is required for every PCM3.1 equipped vehicles when doing an installation of our product:

It does require opening the headunit, and accessing the circuit boards, to bypass the ribbon film cable (white), to ours (taped copper one)

Doesn't need any sort of soldering nor cutting existing wires, so apart from It's not a 'standard' plug and play behind headunit, everything will be straightforward. Without any damage on the existing components.


The CarPlay / Android auto will be selected & displayed on the screen through pressing the NAVI Button.

Since the orignal Sat Nav won't go away nor affected in any way, pressing the NAVI button once again (from CarPlay / android auto) will go back to the Sat Nav menu.

Since most of Porsche from 2009 - 2016 didn't have any control buttons on the steering wheel, majority of audio control buttons are located below the screen, including the track buttons.

Once programmed with ou SWC adapter, It will work with those track buttons next to the volume control dial.

The camera - which certain models may not have one - will continue to work as well, along with the park assist sensors and guidelines, all guaranteed to work as normal.

And If the car doesn't have a factory fitted one , then we can install one along with the CarPlay / Android Auto as well, below is a reference photo from a previous installation, on 911:

You will be able to tell the image quality difference between those 2 , the fact is that, PCM3.1's display is as good as other flagship models from different brands in similar era. Just that the camera they used didn't really meet the brand quality.

Those 2 photo - top is Cayenne and the bottom is 911, used our camera. The screens in both cars are exactly the same spec, just a camera difference makes the whole image quality to another level, not to mention that out product uses the full quality / image resource of the display.

Above product is available from the link below:

Which is compatible with almost every Porsche from 2009 to 2017, with PCM3.1 Audio.


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