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Nissan E52 Elgrand - GPS Navigation with Australia Map has installed - #TBT

Hello This is Naviplus :) and you are reading one of our blogs!

This is a blog from our previous Navigation installation on Imported E52 Nissan Elgrand 2012 model, that visited us almost 3 week ago.

These days this vehicle can be spotted on road a lot and sometimes it gets people confused with new Honda Odyssey, due to similar size and design.

Yet Elgrand is a totally different and better car among its class.

First, featured by those luxurious systems:

  • Automatic sliding door

  • Dual / Panorama Sunroofs

  • Bird eye view (360') Camera system

  • Strong 3.5L Engine that is currently used with Infiniti Skyline / Nissan 350Z

Also a Touch screen system whilst uses same audio software as Pathfinder / Patrol in Australia.

Yet what's the big deal if that touch screen displays Japanese language that only 1% of non-Japanese in Australia will understand?

Having said that, although we can't provide language conversion, at least we can make it show Australian Map with English.

Introducing Naviplus' s Factory Audio Integrated Navigation system.

As you can see, It does not change nor removes anything from the car, exactly same audio system, not changed. Only shares the audio display between Radio and Navigation.

And just in case some of you wonder, No. Our Navigation system does not take away your Gear knob.

It was pulled out during installation in progress of opening dashboard.

The audio system in Elgrand is far more superior than Australian Nissan's, despite the fact that it does not support English (Bleh) It grants touch function and far more features.....yet again language barrier kicks in. Wish we can sort it out but Language conversion is way above our level :(

So let's just focus on Touch function the car already has.

As some of you may know, some of current Nissan SUV line up do not have Touch screen, especially

Pathfinder, Patrol and Murano, and they don't come with standard Navigation either.

In order to install a Navigation system like this to those, It will require Touch panel implementation, pretty strong word but it's just an overlay of the panel over the glass panel of screen :P

For us, It's one of the easiest jobs in our products, yet some people will find hard to feel so.

Where as Elgrand, already has that feature and grants easier and quicker installation.

You will be able to see those 4 orange-ish dots at bottom of the naked screen.

Those are the touch panel film that the car alreday has - the touch panel is meant to have standard / common form regardless of genuine and aftermarket.

That film connects to our GPS module and sends and receives touch input & action between screen and GPS module, audio itself isn't involved.

The Navigation Mapping we've used is an iGO Primo that comes with 1 year unlimited Free update license and grants fast and reliable mapping throughout Australia and New Zealand.

If you always wanted to keep everything in stock while granting more features to the car, and car like Elgrand that has almost everything except proper GPS, this could be it!

The price of the system can be viewed from our online store:

Thank you for reading.


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