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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration - for Toyota LC200

Our final post for Toyota LC200 Landcruiser models - It's been a long journey of testing, getting feedback and update, now comes to the finale.

Our product covers LC200 models from 2009 to current, 2020 models:

From 2009, Sahara and VX had the top tier audio infotainment setup, which was featured with Sat Nav and 360' camera.

And from 2015, with facelift all trim models came with same infotainment audio, although there were some difference with accessories fitted, like camera, sound setup and phone charging dock etc.

And later in late 2018, Toyota introduced new audio - although It did not have any change with design, mainly with screen upgrade.

It was an upgrade from resistive to capacitive touch screen.

If you aren't sure with the difference between those 2:

first for resistive - think of the old touch screen devices, where you had to somewhat gently press the screen and push to move around the screen from 1st to the next page.

Whereas the capacitive, is somewhat close to the current mobile phone's touch screen which detects your finger with specific sensor to provide smoother operation, without any need to pressing / pushing involved.

Although people probably never had to experience the difference between those 2 in LC200, as the infotainment audio's menu / functions were not requiring any sort of screen swipe within menu / app screen.

But in CarPlay and Android Auto, it is essential to show multiple pages of apps those compatible.

We still do remember that the struggle we had back in 2018 when we were testing on LC200 (Our first LC200 CarPlay / Android Auto mockup came out around mid 2018), without knowledge of that screen was upgraded for Sahara and VX models.

And since then, we've been doing test and exchanging feedback with the devs to workout the solution for new screen models.

After the initial solution was provided, then It was to make the installation simple as possible, and make sure the performance is rock solid.

Which was all finalized back in last November 2019 - and we've been offering the solution since then, through both online and via installations to local customers in VIC:

LC200 from 2009 - 2014

LC200 from 2015 - 2018

LC200 from 2018 - onward

Which now finished with steering wheel controls integration - along with the SWC adapter made by us:

The steering wheel control adapter is not an essential parts for CarPlay / Android Auto integration, but it certainly does improves the whole experience with music / voice command controls when you are in CarPlay / Android Auto

For any questions related to our product or other things we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hope you all stay safe, and thank you for reading.

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