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Mercedes Benz Upgrade#2 - AMG / Panamerica GT Grille for GLC-Class

Along with the Tweeter upgrade for Burmester sound setup - perhaps this is another thing the Merc, especially GLC owners to consider:

Basically It's a front grille replacement, as shown in the photo. Replaces the stock grille (does not replace the emblem) to an AMG style (diamond), or

a GT grille, known as Panamerica Grille :

As It is just a grille mesh replacement, does not need any sort of modification.

Straight up replacement using same bolts and brackets etc.

Options gets differ depends on whether the car has Front camera (and 360' parking cam setup) or not.

For diamond AMG grille, it comes with one single color which is chrome finishing.

Whilst for Panamerica grille, it comes with either Gloss black or Chrome.

Supply / Installation will be available from Feb 2019 through our workshop in Clayton.

Total price of supply & install, will be $579.00, with installation time of up to 2.5 hours.

Backed with 12 months warranty and we give old grille back to you.

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