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Comfort Access , Keyless Entry, Push start button and Smartphone Mirroring Integration - Upgrade pac

For some of non VTI-L or VTI Honda Odyssey models, they came without certain features like :

- Push Start Button for Engine start

- Passive / Comfort Access

- Auto door lock / unlock

And few other features those upper trim models had.

Especially those 2014 - 2016 base model odysseys.

Consider the Odyssey is a people mover, been targeted and also used by large families with kids.

And imagine holding groceries on each hands whilst 3 or 4 kids are surrounding the door, trying to enter the car when the car key is still in your pocket and you literally have to drop the groceries on the ground, reach to the key in the pocket, unlock the car's door,

open the trunk / door and pick up those groceries and put those in,

just to put everything / everyone in the car and start & go.

It's a daily procedure for most of car owners, regardless of how many family members you have or which car you drive.

Yet, we can at least minimize the time spent on it, with this SmartAcess package we offer for Honda Odyssey.

It grants:

- Push Start Button.

: Integrates with an actual keyblade, which we either use spare key or copy it and insert.

It will be integrated with the button on top, and does exact same method as factory fitted push start button, without any risk of starting itself just because of it has a keyblade inserted.

- Auto Engine Start / Stop : Somewhat an 'expanded' feature from above, It allows the system to control and receive info from the new remote fob, allowing the car to start / turn off the engine when car is parked, from outside of the driver seat.

- Comfort Access / Passive Entry

: With the remote having a built-in radio sensor, the car will sense the new remote from certain distance, and It will either Lock or unlock the door.

So that instead of reaching for remote to lock / unlock, it recognizes you and act on condition & distance.

- Password Entry

: Sometimes, which we always hope never happens, you leave the car key at somewhere and can't get it back instantly. Obviously if the remote isn't around, our system will not allow you to go inside of the car and start.

BUT, It also have a savior feature, that allows you to type a passcode to let the system acknowledge you, and allows you to enter the car and start.

Of course this is an one time feature that requires 'rearm', so the passcode has to be re-programmed.

This whole process works with existing features of the vehicle, not that the vehicle has these 'in ready', but us Naviplus team uses Factory setup friendly products and installation procedure, to provide this much needed features into the vehicle.

Of course the keyblade and the button can be removed when the vehicle is being serviced or needs the keyblade back, and It won't affect any performance or cause loss of features.

And on top of this Smart access package we offer something that we've been offering for last few years - Smartphone Mirroring:

Which provides a total mirroring / projection of your smartphone on to the audio screen of the Honda Odyssey.

Although this was somewhat doable from factory setting, it will require a whole programming to be done everytime you wish to use, and does not work when driving.

Whereas us, Naviplus provides along with our own Mirroring module that allows the system to be active and displays whenever the HDMI cable gets connected between audio and the car.

Allowing constant / instant usage of the smartphone, through the display.

Which is highly ideal for Navigation apps like Google / Waze / Garmin etc.

Not to mention with all those media apps, or even Android Auto.

The SmartAcess + Mirroring Package will be available from after Easter, from 2nd week of April 2018.

Stay focused and more updates and promotion details will be updated throughout our Website, blog, facebook page and Youtube.

Thank you for reading.

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