Comfort Access , Keyless Entry, Push start button and Smartphone Mirroring Integration - Upgrade pac

For some of non VTI-L or VTI Honda Odyssey models, they came without certain features like :

- Push Start Button for Engine start

- Passive / Comfort Access

- Auto door lock / unlock

And few other features those upper trim models had.

Especially those 2014 - 2016 base model odysseys.

Consider the Odyssey is a people mover, been targeted and also used by large families with kids.

And imagine holding groceries on each hands whilst 3 or 4 kids are surrounding the door, trying to enter the car when the car key is still in your pocket and you literally have to drop the groceries on the ground, reach to the key in the pocket, unlock the car's door,

open the trunk / door and pick up those groceries and put those in,

just to put everything / everyone in the car and start & go.

It's a daily procedure for most of car owners, regardless of how many family members you have or which car you drive.

Yet, we can at least minimize the time spent on it, with this SmartAcess package we offer for Honda Odyssey.