Range Rover Sport L320 - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration

We've had this MY11 L320 Range Rover Sport visited us back in last Thursday the 13th, for CarPlay & Android Auto Integration.

The customer initially bought a camera integration kit from us, but wanted to add the CarPlay & Andorid auto as well, and wanted us to do the installation also. We must say that the CarPlay / Android Auto is somewhat an easy job for us as We've done it numerous times.

But for the camera - certainly not the job you can confidentally say 'It will be done in a day' - which in fact We had to keep the car overnight to finish everything, whilst working on other cars of course.

How does CarPlay / Android Auto Work

With this 2nd gen audio of JLR (We just call it 2nd gen, Others often call it Denso NAV audio or IAM1), You do not lose anything from the vehicle whatsoever, unlike those IAM2 audio equipped Range Rover Sport (L494 / 2014-2016) do lose original Sat Nav whilst our unit is being installed.