Nissan Murano - Small update on CarPlay & Android auto

We've uploaded above video about a month ago , for this MY12 Nissan Murano Ti model.

FYI, Nissan Murano Z51 was produced from 2009 to 2015 in Australia according to Nissan Australia and there were only 2 trim models, ST and Ti.

The TI trim of course, just like Pathfinder / Patrol / QashQai etc, is the top trim model, equipped with possibly almost every accessories available in the list.

Whereas the ST trim, It was equipped with either black and white radio screen audio (remember that old Captiva 5 screen?) or It still came with a 7" color display, without NAV / Touch function.

And even from there, they had a few different variants in terms of audio and control panel etc, just that the importing / year models got mixed up hence most of Australian Murano models received certain 'variant' audio made by Denso.

It does give us a bit of headache whenever we see one with a totally different audio / buttons to We've known - usually those UK or Japan imported vehicles been doing that a lot, but now we are starting to see those from Aus delivered models as well.

Mainly with the Ti model, where It has the NAV related buttons, seems to have a 2 different variants: