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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto OEM Smartphone pack Retrofit - for Jaguar and Land Rover InControl

Picture : Range Rover Evoque's InControl Touch Pro, 10.2" widescreen, available since 2017

A great news for JLR (Jaguar & Land Rover) owners, especially if your car has InControl Touch Pro infotainment unit from 2016/17 -

We are now offering a 'GENUINE' CarPlay & Android Auto retrofit service, for those Jaguar / Land Rover models from 2016 onwards, mainly till 2018 models as MY19 models did come with one from factory.

Whilst this is a retrofit of genuine parts and software update, not every single vehicles are compatible, in fact It does require certain spec.

First, below vehicles are supported:


X351 XJ from 2016

X152 F-Type from 2018

X761 F-Pace from 2017

X260 XF from 2016

X760 XE from 2017

X540 E-Pace from 2018

Land Rover / Range Rover

L494 Range Rover Sports from 2017

L405 Range Rover / Vogue from 2017

L538 Range Rover Evoque from 2017

L462 Discovery from 2017

L550 Discovery Sports from 2017

L560 Range Rover Velar from 2018

Above vehicles are basically in the compatible pool.

And on top of that, certain audio setup / parts are expected to be in the vehicle:

1. InControl Touch Pro, with 10.2" wide display (does not need to be the dual view monitor)

The InControl Touch Pro audio does not have any associated buttons but uses built in touch UI configuration - so if your car does not have any physical audio buttons on side of the screen, 99% of chance It has the Touch Pro audio.

2. NGI-HIGH Media console.

NGI is probably not that familiar term for most of you,

NGI stands for 'Next Generation Infotainment' and within Jaguar / LR, It somewhat determines the spec of the audio setup in the vehicle.

Basically the car should have media inputs like below, in the arm rest console:

The Media console has 2 x USB inputs as standard, and on top of that, certain models have either MHL HDMI Cable or SIM card port, and some even have both.

So pretty much as long as you have either one of those additional media input, you are good to go:

In case your car has Low line UIP -which is why we are posting this - the top left one, then It will need to be upgraded to one of those other 3.

Which involves with replacing the Low line to one of Mid / High line Media console, along with associated wiring harness which you can't get it from service department of JLR - and software update with configuration file.

In fact, the HDMI or SIM isn't needed for CarPlay / Android Auto, they really don't. And even if we retrofit the upper UIP console for the base models, the SIM and HDMI port won't be functioning either.

That is because It's not the port the Smartphone package needs, but It's due to the MID / High UIP console contains additional hardware built inside, that is designed for CarPlay and the Android Auto.

Hence If we install a new UIP console inside the vehicle, we normally cover those HDMI or SIM as those won't be used - to avoid any confusion, what's the point of having those ports visible when they aren't going to function.

And once the activation of the software is done, and every needed hardware sets within the vehicle -

The Smartphone pack gets retrofitted and activated within the screen, under Extra Features tab.

Those are 'wired' CarPlay and the Android Auto, hence still require an USB cable connection for your phone - which uses one of those ports of UIP console.

Now, frankly speaking this service is currently being offered by the Land Rover / Jaguar dealers themselves.

However they only offer this for those vehicles with UIP Mid or HIGH already, and they do not offer retrofit of new UIP console or base models, nor sells the part separately.

Whereas us, we are exclusively targeting the Low UIP models only - with a full retrofit of higher version of UIP, software upgrade (if required) along with any wiring harness / additional hardware needed.

As this requires a programming and internet coding, we are currently planning to offer this for local Melbourne customers only, and soon to be extend to interstate customers upon establishing technical structure with our contacts.

The service (local customers in VIC only) is also available from our online store:

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