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Range Rover Sports L494 - Headrest DVD Player Installed - Mongoose Q500

We've installed rear entertainment system - Mount type headrest DVD player from Mongoose - local Australian brand - yesterday, on this Range Rover Sports L494.

Just like most of L494 Sports models, It didn't come with factory rear entertainment unit and the customer who purchased the car really wanted one for the kids, yet wanted simplest one that can run DVD disc and USB.

Whilst there are tons of 'packed' DVD Players that do so much, like the one we installed with AppleTV on G63 AMG where we've used HDMI input of the DVD Player, from Mongoose also - Mongoose Q510,

the customers didn't really mind the newest tech - hence Q500 was installed as it still grants solid performance.

Before installation

After Installation

As you can tell, Q500 is a mount type, that comes with bracket to installed on headrest poles.

Often people ask why don't we just replace the headrest itself to make it look nicer.

Whilst those replacement type ones will certainly look great, quite lots of vehicles now have active headrest that grants auto adjustment / impact absorbing functions

Meaning that there's dedicated wires inside seat and headrest, and those functions will disappear once we replace those, and those are quite hard to retrieve it when we put those original headrest back on.

And besides, the clip ones are closer towards the back seats, easier to adjust view angle and if in worst case scenario - DVD Player dies - then it's easy to replace it without all the hassle of removing and modifying wires within headrest.

Hence us Naviplus have been offering this mount type DVD Players to our customers, throughout many different brands - Mongoose / Alpine / Kenwood and more.

And the fact that It can be installed on any vehicles, without worrying about size / compatibility issues.

Naviplus offers variety of rear entertainment products, and if you need DVD Players for headrest / Roof mount or even other type of entertainment / electrical device retrofit, make sure to check our website and contact us for a friendly advice and discussion - or drop us an email to help you more effectively during this pandemic crsis.

Thank you for reading and hope you all stay safe.

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