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Update : Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration for Audi - compatible with every A4 / A5 / Q5

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Integration for Audi vehicle with both non-MMi (Symphony / Concert) and MMi (3G / 3G Plus)

About almost couple of years ago we've updated our blog for the first time about our CarPlay and Android Auto.

Back then it was heavily focused on CarPlay hence bit of less light shed on Android Auto, but now, 2020 - we have fully compatible CarPlay and Android Auto, supported with Wired and Wireless - although it's for CarPlay only and not 100% stable at this stage -.

Not to mention that you can either choose to use the audio control pad / MMi control pad or use touch overlay, if you prefer touching the screen to save time with using scroll dial.

For Audi vehicles without 'MMi' - A4 / A5 and Q5, every CarPlay / Android auto products can be found from below link: And for those rest of Audi with MMi, their products are available from below link also:

All fully tested on almost every market around the world - North & South America, Asia, Aus & NZ, Eastern & Western Europe.

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