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Our all time best selling MB80A20 Monitor soon will get a 'Mad and-roid gain'

Our one of best selling items - MB80A20 Monitor display for Mercedes Benz have been receiving quite huge feedback and additional order after spread of words via forums, youtube and car meets etc.

OEM grade quality and finishing, with 8" screen is somewhat one of best upgrade - equivalent as AMG emblem upgrade which believes to be giving additional 25kW - for those Mercedes Benz vehicles with small 5.8" Audio20 Audio display.

From now, as all those Mercs now come with 7" Screen as a standard, started off from mid 2016 , and along with CarPlay and AndroidAuto, the previous model owners are more devastated with the fact that there won't be any update regarding it for their vehicles.

Although we had our MirrorLink / AirPlay system available - for mirroring your smartphone to our display - even it does a solid job and granting flawless performance, due to version update of android / iOS and device compatibility etc, had to admit that it's somewhat getting harder.

And as the AndroidAuto - which will be implemented to Mercs anytime sooner, turns out be a real deal and better than Apple's CarPlay, people are searching for such option for their vehicle.

And we began to thinking, since MirrorLink and AirPlay will experience problem everytime the smartphone gets updated,

"Why not we just add a whole android OS into it, fully touch functional, and use apps we want with simply connecting your phone's mobile data hotspot?"

And here it is - the android OS Upgrade designed for our MB80A20 Display - Andy.

The whole android OS , of course It won't have phone function but will have basic core apps there. And as It does have Google Play Store, you will be able to download the apps you've been using / wanted to use while driving.

But there's a bit of twist though - due to the android OS is specially designed for Automotive usage, It may not be compatible with any Apps.

And some Apps (mainly big gaming apps) will not be compatible.

Yet there will be a Google Map to provide Realtime traffic and solid latest GPS Navigation, Youtube in case you wanted to watch something while waiting for someone, Music and Video players those will read files through USB / SD Card Storage .

Not to mention that It will be able to also install additional GPS App, like TomTom, Garmin, HERE or Sygic via APK or through SD card if you happened to have one.

Surely HEMA Offroad Mapping will be compatible too, not sure how many of you will drag your Merc to the Offroad.

The interface of the Android OS will be somewhat differ to your phone or tablet. Of course as It's based on android, there are quite lots of functions that you can customize.

Yet due to it's designed for Automotive usage, there will be more function relates to In-Car Feature than mobile phone / other expandable devices.

Also, this where our MB80A20 Monitor comes with full quality - as Audio20 from Mercedes Benz has low resolution and size - 5.8" with 480 x 272.

Whilst our monitor is optimized for 800 x 480. So eventually the factory audio displaying didn't affected by the better resolution.

But when it comes to the android OS or other accessories integration - It's a different story and it will display in HD 800 x 480 resolution, on the screen without any dead pixel nor missed out tessellation.

Safe to say, It will perform 100% of what its keepable of, when android OS is being displayed.

The HD screen and QuadCore android CPUs collaboration will be like a music of Tom Jones and Paul McCartney to your ears.

And in case you haven't checked our Monitor spec yet - the factory audio system, regardless of Audio20 or COMAND will be retained and running in background, radio / bluetooth / multimedia player etc all will be running in background and alert when there's a call, track ended etc.

Not to mention that Reversing / Front Cameras will be displayed whenever triggered.

Also, steering wheel controls, climate controls, eco driving, whatever you name out of factory features, will be retained - apart from your small screen.

Some of you may wonder whether It's possible to integrate this android OS, into the OEM screen of Mercedes Benz,

The answer is 'somewhat yes'.

It will be compatible with those COMAND Displays with high resolution and screen size, but not for Audio20 with small resolution (especially those with 5.8"), due to it won't be calibrated into the low resolution models.

The MB80A20 Monitor with Android OS -ANDY- is currently on its way to us Naviplus for one final testing and released for those pre-ordered customers, including our lads in UK, whos dying to receive some news for their vehicle and our monitor.

More info can be found from our Portfolio gallery.

Thank you for reading.


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