LDV G10 Van - Finally a GPS Navigation solution arrived to fit the last piece.

Naviplus - LDV G10, GPS Navigation solution finally available.

LDV G10 has been introduced in Australia since mid 2014, with stealing price compare to its main competitor- Hyundai iLoad and iMax, whilst finally granting that not a copycat version made from Chinca (Technically made by SAIC).

With powerful turbocharged petrol engine - enough room for both courier work / people mover and quite a decent design.

Although in later van without a diesel / manual option lost bit of attraction, certainly had better sales record compare to other minor Asia manufacturers like Foton / Proton / Chery.

LDV G10's Interior - probably one of few vans those comes with standard touch audio display, and reversing Camera.

Also, the 7" Touch audio screen is somewhat quite a revolutionary outcome - consider most of vans came without one, but with basic stock radio.

Yet the problem is, due to some ridiculous reason, although the system do have a GPS compatibility and do have GPS available for those in China, yet overseas models were never offered with such accessories, not as a standard nor optional. Not even as an optional add-on nor those CarPlay / MirrorLink type GPS that powered by mobile phone.</