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LDV G10 Van - Finally a GPS Navigation solution arrived to fit the last piece.

Naviplus - LDV G10, GPS Navigation solution finally available.

LDV G10 has been introduced in Australia since mid 2014, with stealing price compare to its main competitor- Hyundai iLoad and iMax, whilst finally granting that not a copycat version made from Chinca (Technically made by SAIC).

With powerful turbocharged petrol engine - enough room for both courier work / people mover and quite a decent design.

Although in later van without a diesel / manual option lost bit of attraction, certainly had better sales record compare to other minor Asia manufacturers like Foton / Proton / Chery.

LDV G10's Interior - probably one of few vans those comes with standard touch audio display, and reversing Camera.

Also, the 7" Touch audio screen is somewhat quite a revolutionary outcome - consider most of vans came without one, but with basic stock radio.

Yet the problem is, due to some ridiculous reason, although the system do have a GPS compatibility and do have GPS available for those in China, yet overseas models were never offered with such accessories, not as a standard nor optional. Not even as an optional add-on nor those CarPlay / MirrorLink type GPS that powered by mobile phone.

Yet still grants bluetooth audio and music streaming, which is plus at least.

You may think you've seen that silhouette buy you *Cough* Range Rover *cough* haven't.

Basically due to there isn't any sort of aftermarket solution available for this vehicle at this stage, not even a single aftermarket harness, the customers were forced to use those mobile phone or those petty NAVMAN that runs TomTom or Garmin mapping, which usually lasts 1 to 1 .5 years than puts itself our of misery.

Understandable consider it's starting price ($29.9K) but at the same time it's painful as even if you are tying to use the money you've saved for audio upgrade, there isn't such solution available.

Of course, obviously you won't looking at your Navigation 24/7 but on roads always, some people connect their phone to bluetooth audio streaming, whilst using Google / Apple map, and follows voice guidance only - which we must say It do work and certainly helps better than without one - but to be fair, might as well get the cradle and stick it on dash -

Naviplus - GPS Integration on existing 7" Display of LDV G10

But Naviplus - along with support from devs and LDV themselves, proudly introducing A Factory Integrated GPS Navigation system just for G10, whether It's van or people mover.

And we are quite excited as this is probably only and best Navigation available for G10, the fact that It keeps Factory Audio system in the car, (well, can't be replaced anyway though) and all its functions whilst adding GPS system to be displayed.

Yet, us Naviplus is certain that we can provide such solution that ISUZU decided to not to include in their face lift project.

By adding a GPS system, inside of the new audio system of ISUZU and utilize the touch screen of it to provide solid GPS Navigation.

By utilizing the 'Hangup' button located on center of the command controls, up on prolonged press of it It will switch audio display mode to GPS Mode, whilst the Factory radio / bluetooth / audio stream etc will remain same and played in background.

Not to mention that It won't cause any change / remove / occurred from the car, during & after installation.

Meaning that the warranty of the vehicle won't be affected but to impress others that, your van will have a solid GPS that others don't have.

LDV G10 Factory Audio Integrated GPS system is currently available in Naviplus, fully tested and available for any G10 with 7" audio display.

Feel free to contact us for more information ---- EMAIL NAVIPLUS

Meanwhile, here's some opinion / facts regarding LDV G10 that you may want to consider over other Van /people mover

  • DIRT CHEAP Price compare to other vans with similar level.

  • Turbocharged Petrol engine - maybe thirsty, but that's when fully loaded.

  • 7" Audio screen with Bluetooth handsfree & A2dP.

  • Reversing camera comes with standard.

  • Strong and ANCAP ratings are promising

Thank you for reading.


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