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VW Polo 6C - Reversing Camera Integration for Composition Media Audio Unit from Volkswagen

Since 2014, started with Golf Mk7, Volkswagen has released new Audio system, known as Composition Media Audio / Discover Pro Audio, to replace RCD and RNS Audio headunit.

And Naviplus, has a quick info & solution to shared for Reversing Camera / Sat Nav those can be installed on Volkswagen Golf / Polo / Caddy and Transporter's existing Audio display.

Volkswagen Composition Media Audio : NAV model was available for Volkswagen Golf GTi / R

With completely new design and new equipment, accessories and performance, this Composition Media Audio system was introduced as a new gen audio system.

But the major change was that this color & touch infotainment system was available for entire trims, comes standard for every Golf Mk7s.

Yet there were those optional package - Comfortline / Trendline and Highline with each different options with top up features.

Highline models, not just Golf but most of other vehicles were equipped with pretty much every electrical accessories available - Reversing camera, Parking Front and rear sensors, MirrorLink System* and with different colored dash - in Blaze Black.

And now, from 2016, Composition Media Audio is pretty much comes with almost every VW vehicles, expanded to Passat, Jetta, Amarok, Tiguan, Caddy, Polo and Transporter.

Yet out of those, Caddy, Polo and Transporter aren't coming with certain features standard and requires to go on above trim or options, demanding customer to rely on visual sensor - Park pilot if no additional accessories purchased.

And us, Naviplus Team have received the concerns from one of our client who leases a fleet courier Caddys - those brand new 2016 models, yet without Reversing camera nor Sat Nav.

Sat Nav wasn't an issue for them, yet Reversing camera was somewhat critical.

And we were able to run the test, installed the Reversing camera system in the end, on Caddy, Polo and Transporter, all of those currently available in Australian market.

Naviplus Introduces Composition Media Audio Integrated:

Reversing Camera System.

Just like any other solutions of ours, Naviplus's Reversing Camera system doesn't just grant Rear sight, It also grants:

1. Factory Audio system (Composition Media Audio) remain same. - During / after installation wise, nothing will be changed nor removed. It's designed to be 'retrofitted' to the existing audio system. Doesn't even need a coding as It will code itself.

2. Works Exactly same as genuine Reversing Camera.

- Literally, It will show rear sight whenever the car is in Reverse gear, and rear sight will displayed on screen straight away.

3. Grants Dynamic Guidelines.

- Those Dynamic guidelines follows steering wheel - allows you to where the vehicle is heading, prevent under-steer / over-steer.

4. Compatible with Park Assist systems.

- If the car is equipped with genuine parking sensors and eventually have park assist system - like OPS (Optical Parking System), or ParkPilot - It will show visual sensor along with rear sight.

As you can see above, Naviplus's Composition Media Audio Integrated Reversing Camera was installed on Volkswagen Polo 6C, 2015 Australian Model.

This car had front and rear parking sensors installed from Volkswagen, and had an OPS system in the car already.

As described above, the system comes with dynamic guidelines, that is somewhat similar to Audi's, (as Audi & VW shares most of mechanical / electrical parts). The blue rectangular shape represents the straight rear sight, that as long as It's in between parking lot lines, meaning that the car is parked without breaching next lot.

Also, the OPS system was visible on right corner of the display, (doesn't always located on right), granting sensor images detected by front / rear sensors of the vehicle.

And even If the vehicle doesn't have any sort of park assist system, which in that case - It can be internal programmed to be removed. - only showing guidelines and rear sight.

As reversing camera has already became an essential features in America and Europe, Australia will join the line soon, yet till then - consumers are either forced to heavy upgrade fee for Reversing camera or end up installing those wireless / external Screen set up.

Naviplus's Composition Media Audio Integrated Reversing Camera system for Volkswagen, may not be cheap as those alternative options you can found on internet.

However, we guarantee that our system's quality and performance will be far superior than those, and as good as genuine ones, possibly quite better in terms of not just price, but also solid performance, design and quality.

Naviplus wants to hear your concern regarding your vehicle - not just VW but any other vehicles that you wish a Reversing Camera upgrade.

We will look forward for your questions / or request of info - which we will be happy to assist.

Naviplus offers Factory Audio integrated Reversing Camera system for Volkswagen Caddy, Volkwagen Polo, Volkswagen Transporter as stated. And also covers rest of vehicles from Volkswagen.

Thank you for reading.


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