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Australia Automotive Aftermarket Expo (AAAE)- We were there! - Part 1.

Hello people!

There's been an expo called 'AAAE', stands for Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo happened at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, from 16 ~ 18th of Apr.

We were pleaed to actually attend as an exhibitor, along with our partner company 'K.Auto Solution', well known online company of Brake pads and other spare parts.

As an 'Aftermarket Automotive' contains variety of areas within Automotive, we were expecting a lot of products regarding to car, and we were pretty amazed with all those products and presentations of company, yet at the same time we were pretty nervous as we were only 1 of 3 Car audio system companies who exhibited. I mean, It could've been the opportunity as we had less competition, but at the same time, overflow of car parts, tools and machines took over the huge attract from visitors. (Not to mention those giant booths from big companies like Repco, Bremtec, Monroe etc)

And as It was our 1st ever exhibition experience, we must admit that we were less prepared than others, yet we claim that we've tried our best with given time & got satisfying results.

We've visited all those exhibitors, yet we couldn't possibly remember every single conversation / their products to write on our media...(In fact, we were too busy to take a photos)

So instead, allow us some impressive sights from there.

Car Diagnosis system from Snap-On

It was really impressive as cars were changing every day, and those tools were like as if you are in F1 mechanics booth.

One of the leading Brake manufacturer, Bremtec.

There were so many Brake pad exhibitors not just From Australia, but also from China , Japan, Korea and States, yet Bremtec shined hard in there.

We could see some gaming machines from certain booth - We couldn't play it though.

Wheel clean / repair machines we saw, at first some of us didn't know what that was for, until we've seen the demonstration. It could be little bith worthy if you have set of Genuine BBS wheels.

Paint / heat bake - We were really looking forward to demonstration, however It didn't happen.

DAYCO - timing belt specialists.

In this photo it looks like It's quiet, but It was damn packed on second day of exhibition. This photo was literally taken when most of visitors left 3 mins before closing time.

We could see some Motorbike gadgets and parts.

To be honest, we were focused on Harley Davison - We wished It was a giveout though.

SLR McLaren - Probably one of the dream cars of every lads.

Their wheel cleaner / polisher was really cool - we actually thinking of ordering some for our service.

The V8 supercharged engine for V8 Supercar.

The engine itself cost around $160,000 in AUD.

Just letting you know, It doesn't fit in your Honda, that is If you don't own NSX.

Such a beauty and Tragedy involved with this Drag monster VX Monaro.

Coudn't take the picture, but when the exhibition was over and everyone was packing, while this car wa lifted to fit in the cargo, not sure due to accident or lifting failure, this car actually slipped and carved by the slate wall of cargo.

Hopefully they can give a call to those Lowbake paint guys mentioned up there.

GATES, the expert of engineering and parts - also one of those sponsors of this exhibition.

They had such huge giveaway session over whole 3 days, free booze, carbon frame bike (Only for 1 person though) and such a great presentation. There were textbook professionals.

NISMO GT-R R35, probably the one of those affordable (well, relatively speaking) supercars.


Nulon, the famous engine oill, coolant and trans fluid company in Australia, they were really helpful and also they've insisted they could give us some marketting tips / opportunities with their partner companys. But guys...? It's been an almost 2 weeks...?

There were also some brilliant & well designed Brake disc, coilvoer, springs and other parts for tuning as well.

It was amazing experience, and we were fortunate to meet everyone.

We will be back with Part 2, more images and our presentations.

Stay tuned ;)

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