Installation Report #2 - 2016 : GPS and Rear Camera for VW Golf Mk7's 5.8" Composition Me

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Back in 15th and 16th of January 2016, we've installed the GPS Navigation system, OEM Badge flip Reverse Camera for Volkswagen Golf Mk7's 5,8" Composition Media Audio system.

Although we've been supplyng and fitting the Smartphone integration system, generally known as 'MirrorLink or 'CarPlay' among automotive industries, a total update to the website was done recently and the system wasn't really mentioned to the customer.

Click the image above to directed to the Naviplus's MiRAPlus-Golf Mk7 item.

But now, since we've launched MiRAPlus system for those people who owns a car that isn't supported by manufacturer's CarPlay due to outdated / yet to come - we've briefly mentioned about it and there was a 'Go' from the customer, hence the car came back in for additional upgrade.

When the car came in again, we were advised & realized that the system was performing with delayed response - as we can't tolerate that what we supplying isn't the best customer deserve, we updated the whole system to most recent software - which came out in mid February.