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Installation Report #2 - 2016 : GPS and Rear Camera for VW Golf Mk7's 5.8" Composition Me

Click Image above will direct you to previous post for GPS and Camera Installation.

Back in 15th and 16th of January 2016, we've installed the GPS Navigation system, OEM Badge flip Reverse Camera for Volkswagen Golf Mk7's 5,8" Composition Media Audio system.

Although we've been supplyng and fitting the Smartphone integration system, generally known as 'MirrorLink or 'CarPlay' among automotive industries, a total update to the website was done recently and the system wasn't really mentioned to the customer.

Click the image above to directed to the Naviplus's MiRAPlus-Golf Mk7 item.

But now, since we've launched MiRAPlus system for those people who owns a car that isn't supported by manufacturer's CarPlay due to outdated / yet to come - we've briefly mentioned about it and there was a 'Go' from the customer, hence the car came back in for additional upgrade.

When the car came in again, we were advised & realized that the system was performing with delayed response - as we can't tolerate that what we supplying isn't the best customer deserve, we updated the whole system to most recent software - which came out in mid February.

Having said that, there was a bit of change involved - started with 'launcher key'.

Previously It was a 'Mute' button on steering wheel, but now It uses 'Down Arrow' next to it, mainly used for to control odometer Radio display. Don't get it wrong - that function didn't disappear, yet now has additional function once prolonged pressed - which switches screen to GPS and MiRAPlus mode.

In case you haven't checked it out, MiRAPlus is a Smartphone Integration system, directly to your car's audio display. Basically It has same idea of CarPlay / MirrorLink = showing Apps from mobile phone on audio display, and utilize it via using mobile data off from the phone.

In extention to that : our system grants few more thing:

  • You do not need to rely on dealership / manufacturer. As the system isn't controlled by dealerships' lock / unlock / update

  • Unlimited App usage. Unlike others, It shows any apps / action you make via phone.

  • Wired / Wireless connection. The system uses Its own WiFi system to transfer the video to the audio display. And It does not conflict with neither bluetooth nor mobile network. Wired will require phone to be connected to our module, granting some improvement with streaming (Not 'significantly' outstanding improvement though)

  • Compatible with android and iOS, even Window phones. As long as It has Screen Mirroring / AirPlay / Miracast feature, It is compatible.

  • Doesn't replace nor remove anything from the car. Naviplus's moto is to supply a system that fully integrates into the existing audio system. And MiRAPlus totally complies with it. Having said that, you do not require to replace your audio system to CarPlay enabled Pioneer / Alpine audio system.

  • Doesn't reech mobile data. Although the standard usage of apps from your phone don't really cost much net data from your plan, yet those typical thrid party CarPlay launcher app do - not big amount as you are worried, but relatively more than normal usage - Where as MiRAPlus doesn't have any cost / hidden fee of using it.

Just like CarPlay, the main purpose of MiRAPlus is also utilizing mobile GPS Navigation provided by Google and Apple Maps, far more superior and easy to use, compared to factory gps navigation systems with outdated maps and terminated support from dealer.

Having said that, since Volkswagen's MirrorLink system that came with Composition Media II:

...isn't currently being fully functional due to the whole package and update hasn't been released in Australia and will definitely cost to upgrade it via Dealership -

MiRAPlus system has been enquired by many VW owners, mostly from Golf, Polo and Jetta owners. Hence we took the liberty of installing it on the Golf Mk7 we've installed GPS and Camera about more than a month ago.

The MiRAPlus system is in form of 2 moduels: 1. A decoding Video display interface module, that allows the MiRAPlus mode to be

displayed on audio display.

2. Actual MiRAPlus module, equipped with AUX port and WiFi feature.

Since no.1 was already in the car to power up GPS and Camera, only MiRAPlus module was required to be fitted - usually takes 20 mins to finish the job in that occasion.

The result - background of the phone is mirroed to the VW Golf's 5.8" Audio display.

As you can see, the whole screen of phone has been projected on audio display. Obviously as phone isn't in landscape mode, the system is showing vertical status. But when you actually enter to an app and use landscape mode:

It also displays landscape mode straight away, as it follows any actions you make via the phone.

You can even do this - what we call Carception.

(The force of Instagram / Snapchat is strong in this one)

Surely this has to be outlined : due to safety purpose and comply with global standard, as this system has unlimited apps, there are some apps that road safety government body might not like to be used while driving, and will be more cirtical if it can be controlled via touching the screen.

Hence the action has to be made via the phone, not through audio display, It may sound degrading, but keep in mind that MiRAPlus's initial aim was to use mobile GPS Navigation.

After all, how many people are willing to watch videos / type text / SNS activity while they are driving?

Although this isn't the first MiRAPlus system we've ever installed hence we've received enough feedbacks from the customer - yet not from this customer so far, but hoping she's using it well for her own entertainment and convenience.

A MiRAPlus smartphone Integrated system for Volkswagen Golf Mk7, compatible with both Composition Media 5.8 / 6.5 and also Discover Pro Media 7" |

is currently being sold in our Online store, at price of $700.00 AUD.

If you are interested in this system for your Golf or similar system for your vehicle other than Golf, feel free to contact us and ask for a solution and quote.

Thank you for reading.

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