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Land Rover Discover 4 - Small basic audio to Android All-in One Touch screen upgrade

Naviplus - Land Rover Discovery 4 from 2012 to 2013 models mainly : An All-in One audio screen upgrade for those without any sort of touch screen but small info radio screen on top of the audio dash.

For those of you who own a Land Rover Discovery 4 - early models of its series from 2012 to 2013 - those small audio screen on top dash can't easily be replaced to an aftermarket nor genuine setup from JLR.

Quite lots of drivers end up using mobile phone to bare the absence of GPS Navigation in the car or Bluetooth audio streaming.

Or others do some research and find the way out to integrate those features.

For the second option, with simple integration along with All-in One audio screen, it will allow the actual monitor to be mounted on the dash, and work as a main audio control system, whilst it will be compatible with:

- Sound system

- Steering wheel controls.

- Climate / AC Controls.

- Engine Start / other electronic features of the car.

Literally, just an additional Audio screen upgrade, that happens to have better features (obviously) that will allow car to have those missed out features.

Although the existing control pads on middle of the won't be working anymore - due to those radio / bluetooth command controls will be replaced by new audio screen and its built-in features, and steering wheel controls will be compatible with new screen hence It's not a complete loss at all.

The main reason of this upgrade on audio will be , of course the fact that there will be fully functioning touch screen on the top of the audio dash, but also having a proper GPS Navigation.

And with iGO Primo GPS Mapping, It will provide not just A to B route, but also variety of features like :

  • Speed / Red Light Camera

  • Speed limit

  • Local Landmark / Place of Interest check and search

  • Supports Entire mapping of Australia with latest Map info

  • Voice guidance

  • Route planning based on Traffic / road condition / Toll etc.

  • Live Traffic support - when mobile hotspot tethering is enabled from your phone

Consider that Factory Navigation from Land Rover wouldn't provide all of those, It is definitely a worthy upgrade even just for an aspect of Navigation.

Just like above, Reversing camera mechanism will be added to the new screen.

It will work like Factory fitted Reversing camera, that whenever you put the car on reverse, it will display rear sight straight away. And with HD image display quality of Android spec audio, and our Sony CCD II Lens equipped Reversing camera with enhanced night vision: It will grant great park safety throughout daytime and night.

And of course, if the car has rear sensors, it will still work and beeping too.

As the Factory bluetooth will be disabled, our all-in one screen will come with a standalone bluetooth that supports both phone call handsfree and audio streaming.

With phonebook import, steering wheel compatibility and search and call sync with the phone, and mostable, It will pair with both android and iPhone devices, supporting latest version / series also.

With bit of more detail with the features of our Android Audio screen, as It's an Android OS equipped, it will provide quite many apps those Android is compatible of. It may not be same as using an Android device - as this is optimized for automotive usage, not daily Phone based. However, in terms of media playback, It will support any codec Android is keepable of - whether it is an image, music, movie or document.

And of course, as It has built-in WiFi, upon connection of mobile hotspot from your phone, you will be able to utilize those apps require a mobile data, such as Digital Radio / Podcast apps, Live Traffic from GPS app, checking email and facebook, or downloading file and watching Youtube etc.

It will be a huge jump & step from Factory audio - which had none of mentioned above.

Us, Naviplus have experience and skills built-up with installing screen to non screen equipped vehicle like Discovery 4, Freelander II, Volvo XC60, and can certainly guide you to a service / product you are after and also can provide professional installation service and advice, to make sure you wish to keep this car for a long time.

This Android Audio screen upgrade service for Land Rover Discovery 4 without Factory screen, is available by our team - in Brunswick Victoria, Australia, and we do provide installation with appointment basis.

Thank you for reading.


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