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Jeep UConnect 8.4" - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration - latest update

We've been offering Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration for UConnect 8.4" - which normally can be found in:

  • Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee (2013+)

  • Chrysler 300C 2nd gen (2011+)

  • Dodge Journey / Charger

  • Fiat Freemont

  • Maserati Ghibli / GT / Levante and Quattroporte (2018+)

Which just like our rest of products, does not change nor remove anything from the vehicle.

And In fact It's been offered since 2017, hence you might have seen our product or related video from here, or hopefully outside of our website - It's been updated few times over last 3 years, mainly to suit newest iOS and overall performance of the hardware devices.

For current models, they now come with full CarPlay and Android Auto Integrated from assembly - but at the same time previous year models are not supported due to hardware differences.

Our product in the other hand, supports almost every UConnect 8.4" from 2013 to current ones, of course for current models we don't bother offering CarPlay / Android Auto but more into towing / parking assist camera setup though.

Whilst our product grants Full integration into the original display and uses the sound system, there are couple of things that differ to the genuine CarPlay / Android Auto.

1. The sound will be played through External media source, AUX.

These so called Integration products like ours are clearly an aftermarket product.

Which means that they can't access the speaker / sound system like native audio features do (radio / bluetooth etc).

Hence they use the AUX input of the vehicle - so that the sound from CarPlay / Android Auto will be played through the original speakers in the vehicle.

This is mandatory as the factory fitted features are controlled by the headunit, to determine which sound source to cut and which one to play / resume, unlike Integration functions where they are controlled by dedicated - standalone - hardware devices, that runs OUTSIDE of UConnect headunit.

2. It's recommended to not use Factory Bluetooth of UConnect 8.4"

This is somewhat still under mid-term testing, especially with CarPlay.

Since IOS13.1, there was bit of compatibility issue between CarPlay itself and

Bluetooth Call / Audio function of infotainment setup in the vehicle.

Which seems that the CarPlay is trying to take over the phone call process, but not allowing itself to use Factory bluetooth, resulting the phone call to be executed with CarPlay, whilst not using any mic associated with the Bluetooth of the vehicle.

Normally the CarPlay and bluetooth, they are a separate functions, meaning that they work individually and only works together if needed, like for example when you receiving / making a phone call, the bluetooth kicks in and activates mic and sound system for the CarPlay.

However we noticed that from iOS13 it no longer does that, and to make it clear:

you will most likely not going experience this with factory fitted ones as they have control function available from the headunit.

Hence we've been working on how to rectify this, or at least make an alternative way around to use it.

The one thing we came up is to not using UConnect's bluetooth at all, at least when you are using CarPlay or Android Auto.

The hardware device we install, they do support Mic for voice command and ordinary call / answer function.

Meaning that we install a separate / external Mic, dedicated for CarPlay & Android Auto just to be used in those 2 modes only, and when you are in native UConnect 8.4, not using CarPlay nor Android Auto then you can pair your phone back to the original bluetooth.

With this option, as the factory bluetooth won't be used, normally those steering wheel phone buttons won't work either as the bluetooth isn't paired.

However we came with an additional hardware that allows such functions to be retained and integrates to CarPlay / Android Auto - which will allow you to use all those green marked buttons - Call / Hang up and Voice command (siri / Google Assistant)

All to be executed without bluetooth pairing, nor modification on existing UConnect setup of the vehicle.

Here's some quick video demonstrated within CarPlay:

Our Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Integration for Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee is available from the link below:

Thank you for reading.

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