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Toyota Prado & Kluger - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration #2

Since back in last Apr 2019 - We've been working on Apple CarPlay / Android Auto retrofit for Toyota models, which we must admit that we had quite a few problems and experienced delays due to incompatibility and taking too long to test & receive feedback.

Back then It was initially available for GXL models, those didn't have 360' camera, as the CarPlay back then used the additional video port that was available for 360' cam.

And then It started having a problem as VX and Kakadu - those sold more than GXL - had 360' cam fitted already hence could not be installed at all.

So from there Our long journey was began, with constant testing of the unit and providing feedback to our Devs, who then provided us firmware update or new mock up to try again.

And It took almost a year to install finalized one to our first customer's Kakadu - (kudos to Jason for all the understanding and wait) which was installed on May 2020.

Without any change nor removal involved in the vehicle - and here's the video from the previous installation.

Also supports Android auto as well - which will bring up to the screen whenever android device is connected with the USB cable.

Product is available from the link below:

And for Toyota Kluger, It's been quite smooth, although it's only compatible with Grande trim model at the moment.

The audio above is from the 2018 Kluger Grande, which was apparently available since 2014, featured with 8" display and JBL Audio.

The headunit itself shares the same audio with current Prado, apparently since 2014, meaning that we've missed out quite lots of Kluger Grande models over last 6 years.

Whilst GX / GXL models aren't supported after 2015, due to the manufacturer of headunit, Fujitsu has updated it to a whole different one, 2014 - mid 2015 models GX / GXL models are also compatible, which we will explain in other post.

With the Kluger, It will provide same function and same results from Prado above, without any single change nor removal involved:

Although we haven't fully done testing on 2014~2017 models, given that they still use same headunit, It is 99% compatible with older model Grande, as long as they have this 8" display.

Which the product is available from the link below:

We are testing on other Toyota models, apart from those 'activation available' models -

because if you can activate it from the dealer why bother come to us? -

So far Kluger, Prado, and Land Cruisers are all compatible and being provided to our clients.

You can always purchase our products from our Online store, with links provided above.

Thank you for reading.

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