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CarPlay / Android Auto for Toyota Alphard / Vellfire - JDM people movers.

Toyota Alphard is one of those JDM vehicles currently being imported into Aus, for those people who want something unique and special, not ordinary as Honda Odyssey and need more features than Nissan Elgrand.

The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto , which soon to be added to Toyota vehicles form 2020, are still missing in current new Alphard / Vellfire models.

Of course in this case, you will probably need language conversion first prior to thinking of getting CarPlay or Android Auto, but you can't just sleep on those apps / features you can use.

Frankly speaking Alphard was out of our list for a long time, as we knew there was this van, coming to the market yet Elgrand was still holding the crown within JDM people mover segment.

Yet as we've received some calls for one, hence we've tested at one of our friends - Street Sound & Vision @ Mitcham.

CarPlay / Android Auto platform setting screen

Testing the phone call function - to make it uses original bluetooth

The test was huge success and we've done few more testing with performance and compatibility, to confirm it's good to go.

Although the language conversion isn't supported from our end, surely the CarPlay and Android Auto - which will provide essential features of infotainment system.

The CarPlay & Android Auto Integration for Toyota Alphard, is available from our online store.

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