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Apple CarPlay Retrofit for Porsche - PCM3.1version audio equipped vehicles are compatible

Factory Apple CarPlay Setup - From 2017 Porsche Macan Turbo

As Apple CarPlay is available for latest models from car manufacturers, most of 'near new' or recent models are left with same / similar looking Infotainment screen systems, yet missing out Apple CarPlay features and can't be updated.

Same goes to Porsche - even with coding, there's a limitation as the unit does not have a such platform in the car from first place thus coding isn't even in a discussion when adding such feature into the Porsche.

With PCM3.1 Audio setup of Porsche - which is the main setup from 2010 till 2016 for almost every Porsche made during time frame, none of those had Apple CarPlay nor any sort of smartphone Integration feature inside of the audio.

And the choice was to either replace audio headunit, or seeking retrofit of PCM 4.0 (2017 implemented with Apple CarPlay) , which is near impossible consider incompatibility and also price of the parts itself.

You've seen that us, Naviplus has been providing CarPlay retrofit upgrade for Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi since Aug 2017, and now, after a month It's time for Porsche.

CarPlay retrofit upgrade for Porsche is currently available with below vehicles:

Porsche Cayenne from 2010 to Current

Porsche Macan from 2014 to Current

Porsche Panamera from 2010 to Current

Porsche 911 Series from 2012 to current

Porsche 718 from 2014 to Current.

Without change nor removal of anything from the vehicle, we provide complete retrofit Apple CarPlay Platform into Porsche's PCM3.1 Audio system.

Which will result with Apple CarPlay system to be displayed on the factory screen of the Porsche, without any change nor removal involved.

Just like any standard CarPlay - once the service is done, simply connecting your iPhone with Lightning USB cable to the dedicated USB Port - which will be also installed.

And then simply use the CarPlay apps that gets to be displayed on the audio screen.

CONTROL of the iPhone on the audio Screen.

If you still need to use your phone while driving, at least use it through car audio screen with full control of essential features, supported by Apple.

Here's what you will find in the Apple CarPlay once meets with your cars - with Naviplus's Integration service.

  • Navigation with Apple Maps / Waze GPS app – Free turn-by-turn navigation with lane guidance, live traffic conditions, points of interest, and more

  • Hands-free phone and messaging – Make calls and send messages without taking your hands off the wheel, via Phone and iMessage

  • Info and assistance – Get weather, traffic, commute information and more organized into simple cards

  • Bring your music – Listen to your music and playlists in the car with your built-in stereo system


Perhaps the main & solid reason why people are after the Apple CarPlay in their vehicle.

Well known accuracy and Live Traffic service provided by Apple Map's Navigation along with its great voice command and recognition - It will come in to your Porsche's audio screen.

Despite the fact the every single Porsche with PCM3.1 has bulit-in Navigation, by the time of 2017, It can't possibly have the latest map or latest feature for GPS, and Apple Map's attribute of live traffic and latest map available 24/7 will certainly a great upgrade.

Not to mention It will search wherever you want to go with simple voice command.


If you are in the car, Odds are that you want to listen to music while driving, even want more if you happened to have some flyest jams in your phone.

With Apple CarPlay, along with Music App and Spotify that everyone uses, It will provide live stream of music through car speakers, without touching your phone for just 1 second.

And this will work even if your car does not have bluetooth audio streaming feature, as while action will go through your iPhone, and sound will be played via car speakers through internal AUX / Multimedia connection.

Whilst Apple CarPlay is involved with an idea of 'using mobile phone while driving', at the same time it's set to offer a safer driving experience.

There will be a time that you will need to check your phone while driving, and it is indeed dangerous act for both you and others on the road.

Luckily, Apple CarPlay supports Messaging function, that reads out the message to you and reply to it without you actually touching the phone.

Also with Phone call, whether It will collaborate with Factory fitted bluetooth phone call feature, and also own phone call mic and more.


Naviplus's Apple CarPlay Retrofit service for Porsche is currently available, with more stocks coming in.

Thank you for reading, and click below link if you require a further information.


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