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Mercedes Benz Sprinter - Equipment upgrade for Audio15 with GPS NAV, Camera and more.

Naviplus - Mercedes Benz Sprinter Panel Van & Minivan : An equipment upgrade for Factory Audio15, with GPS Navigation and reversing camera

2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Panel van - Photo from CarAdvice

For the one those most popular and sold large cargo Vans along with Ford Transit, Iveco Daily and Renault Master : Sprinter has is indeed the top tier within the market.

Whilst it delivers those promised on the brochure, It misses lots of equipment and left as an 'Optional ones', - which will always gets checked first by those car audio guys like us.

Having said that, although the Sprinter was pretty much built-for cargo / courier usage hence most of business owners want a vehicle with minimal 'assets' and minimum price to pay, it's quite sad to see It has less standard equipment than some of its competitors.

The Audio 15, which is a standard Headunit with downgraded version of Audio 20 (from standard Merc), will come with bluetooth function, radio and multimedia player that can read files through AUX, SD Card and USB for some selective models.

Whereas, neither GPS Navigation nor Reversing camera will come as a standard option, whilst the unit still has NAVI button on audio commander.

The thing is, that most of those Audio 15 units will not be able to add genuine accessories from dealerships prior to purchased, not sure whether due to it's practically impossible or else.

However one thing is sure that if you order with multiple option and if the car isn't available within dealerships stock lit, you will need to wait for fairly long time with quite fat invoice as well.

Us, Naviplus - to be fair we did not put much attention to commercial vehicles in general, as despite the fact those cars will definitely need such solutions we have, most of business / courier companies want an A to B solid Van, not a full optioned van - yet with an actual drivers of those Sprinter vans, quite lots of them would appreciate a GPS Navigation that displays on the screen, or a Reversing camera that will help them to not ram their van.

The reversing camera is more of a much needed feature in big courier van like Mercedes Benz Sprinter - which is set as an optional equipment with quite big price tag, and sometimes it's not even possible to add it if you've received the van already.

The way Naviplus's Mercedes Benz Audio Integrated Reversing camera works is :

Just like any other Merc we've done, show up on our Mercedes Benz related works portfolio:

It won't change nor remove anything from the car, yet adding rear camera function to be displayed on existing screen, whenever the van reverses.

Just like above, Reversing camera mechanism will be added to the existing Audio15 screen, without a single change nor removal in terms of both genuine feature / appearance wise.

Along with those dynamic guide lines (Yellow vertical lines) and also an Optical Parking Sensor display (top right corner), if the Sprinter has either / both Front & Rear Sensors fitted.

The whole wires will be hidden inside of the dash, and whenever the van is reversing, it will display rear sight straight away, along with sensors working on both visual and sound wise.

And in extension to that, with similar mechanism, there's also a GPS Integration solution is available from Naviplus also.

The GPS Navigation will not only come with warmer color than Factory Becker / Pilot GPS, but also will come with 'Touch function'.

The GPS - iGO Primo we use is an indeed well made GPS Navigation software that supports not only Australia but also throughout global maps, which requires a touch screen or compatible touch function to control it.

Having said that, in order to grant Touch function into Audio15 along with GPS, we supply and fit a thin Touch panel, (touch digitizer) on existing display screen.

Allowing it to display GPS and receives touch signal whenever you use it - and all this can be done without replacement of the actual audio.

With bit of more detail with GPS NAV - surely it may not have a huge merit if your Sprinter already has Factory fitted Navi in the car.

However the fact that our Mercedes Benz audio integrated GPS Navigation will always grant more easier / economically better to update the map, with more frequent map availability ,

and that it will show full map info like school zone / train zone / speed warn / camera alert etc with latest GPS Map info. It may not have the privilege of providing Live Traffic, however it will calculate the latest route based on historical data of whichever street or suburb you go, and can select best routes for truck / courier / eco friendly / fastest etc - variety of routes available.

And of course, either of those can be installed separately, or all together at the same time.

Compatible with most of Sprinter with Audio15 Headunit, regardless of AUS model or global models, available in Naviplus.

Our Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Audio15 integrated GPS Navigation with Touch, and Reversing Camera retrofit has been tested through local courier franchise we use, and also through few different Merc vehicles to confirm performance and compatibility.

Thank you for reading.


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