Mercedes Benz Sprinter - Equipment upgrade for Audio15 with GPS NAV, Camera and more.

Naviplus - Mercedes Benz Sprinter Panel Van & Minivan : An equipment upgrade for Factory Audio15, with GPS Navigation and reversing camera

2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Panel van - Photo from CarAdvice

For the one those most popular and sold large cargo Vans along with Ford Transit, Iveco Daily and Renault Master : Sprinter has is indeed the top tier within the market.

Whilst it delivers those promised on the brochure, It misses lots of equipment and left as an 'Optional ones', - which will always gets checked first by those car audio guys like us.

Having said that, although the Sprinter was pretty much built-for cargo / courier usage hence most of business owners want a vehicle with minimal 'assets' and minimum price to pay, it's quite sad to see It has less standard equipment than some of its competitors.

The Audio 15, which is a standard Headunit with downgraded version of Audio 20 (from standard Merc), will come with bluetooth function, radio and multimedia player that can read files through AUX, SD Card and USB for some selective models.

Whereas, neither GPS Navigation nor Reversing camera will come as a standard option, whilst the unit still has NAVI button on audio commander.

The thing is, that most of those Audio 15 units will not be able to add genuine accessories from dealerships prior to purchased, not sure whether due to it's practically impossible or else.

However one thing is sure that if you order with multiple option and if the car isn't available within dealerships stock lit, you will need to wait for fairly long time with quite fat invoice as well.

Us, Naviplus - to be fair we did not put much attention to commercial vehicles in general, as despite the fact those cars will definitely need such solutions we have, most of business / courier companies want an A to B solid Van, not a full optioned van - yet with an actual drivers of those Sprinter vans, quite lots of them would appreciate a GPS Navigation that displays on the screen, or a Reversing camera that will help them to not ram their van.