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Upgraded to VW Composition Touch 6.5" - RCD 330G Plus Installation

Volkswagen's basic audio, 'RCD310' - on Golf Mk6.

As you may know, pretty much most of those Volkswagen vehicles Pre-2013 models, did not come with high end audio system as a standard feature.

Volkswagen did have premium audio system & flagship audio system with colored touch screen like RCD510 / RNS510 / RNS810 etc, however those were completely optional accessories and had to pay for certain amount of money, arms and legs.

Due to the mobile phone technology has been improved for last 5 to 6 years, it's somewhat heading towards that whether the audio system really required to be purchased from the manufacturer despite the fact of the high price.

Yet at the same time, the mobile phone also has limits and mostable it's somewhat risky to control it while driving, yet surely it helps with the car without GPS - thanks to Google / Apple Map Navigation and all those other GPS apps.

As an Automotive technicians who specialized in Navigation, we do admit the mobile navigation app via phone do works, and probably most cost effective option - noone will be able to deny it.

At the same time, the bluetooth, camera, high end Radio tuner etc are definitely something most of those VW vehicles on the road are lack of.

And for those of you, who are not really in need of GPS for your VW, but definitely want Bluetooth Phone & Audio, and possibly Reversing Camera :

Naviplus Introduce & offer Volkswagen's own:

RCD 330G Composition Touch Screen, with Reversing Camera Installation.

The RCD330G Composition Touch Headunit (6.5") installed on VW Golf Mk6 2010.

It is an Actual Genuine Headunit designed for Volkswagens, with Operating audio version of current - that current Golf Mk7 uses for example : Composition Media'.

With form and audio appearance of previous models like RCD510 / RNS510 dash outline.

But with optimized and revised connectivity to be installed on most of those previous series of Volkswagen like:

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 and Mk6 form 2005 to 2012 models.

Volkswagen Jetta and Polo from 2007 to 2013 models.

Volkswagen Tiguan / Caddy and Passat from 2006 to around 2014.

And may more VW vehicles those have that same typical Audio design of Volkswagen , just like the very first photo of this blog above.

This is the audio system that doesn't have built-in NAV unfortunately, however, It is still a great upgrade with budget price, with lots of attention and request have been made already - You will see why from below:

The key features of the RCD330G Audio will be:

As this isn't an aftermarket nor those typical OEM style Audio system but an actual OEM Headunit made for Volkswagen, by Volkswagen -

It is bound to have the at least the same and above Factory quality and performance as it's an OEM headunit with revised with better techs.

Bluetooth Phone & Audio Connectivity

Handsfree Bluetooth has been a standard feature these days, with both phone and audio, whereas back then, even with optional package headunit required its own optional accessories to add Bluetooth audio function.

Where as the RCD330G Headunit will come with not only built-in Bluetooth Phone, but also with Bluetooth Audio streaming function that streams off music files from your smartphone.

Not to mention that It will synce your contacts and phone book list to be appear on the screen.

According to our installation and testing, It performed just like current Golf Mk7.5's Bluetooth system without any quality loss nor limited function.

Solid bluetooth phone audio via speakers, with the Mic (below Media Button) that is actually really sensitive to catch all those voices - showed impressive performance.

HD Resolution Screen with Touch function.

Unlike previous audios, Composition Touch - RCD 330G is one of those audio units from Volkswagen that comes with 6.5" usable touch screen, with 800 x 480 resolution.

Which is significantly better than current 5.8" Screen of Volkswagen Golf Mk7, and same resolution as Audi S-Line vehicle with MMi Audio system .

The touch panel is really responsive and moves without any delay - which was also an impressive point - compared to Golf or Polo with 5.8" audio rather had poor response time.

It looks good and it is actually good to have in the car - surely you'd love to see the thumbnail of your music clip art with colorful resolution?

Reversing Camera Compatibility

Probably the main reason why our customers and us were thrilled to install this on VW:

The rear camera system will be activated once the camera gets installed - along with VW's Reverse Setting displayed along with rear sight through camera.

You will definitely love it when there's HD screen, displaying rear sight to aid your parking! Not even 2014-2016 Golf Mk7 R had this sort of quality as a standard option nor as an optional feature.

Multiple source Media Streaming

Another improvement within Car Audio is that - If the 'AUX' was the main thing of sound stream back then, It's not either USB stick with media files inside, or Bluetooth audio stream off the phone.

Just like any current VW's Audio, it will have those SD Card / 3.5mm AUX and USB Female ports on bottom of the audio unit, between control knobs, to insert compatible device / storage and play your media files.

I mean, of course the unit supports Bluetooth audio streaming as a standard feature, however : sometimes you just want certain tracks dedicated for driving, right? that's when USB and SD card inputs come in handy.

Our conclusion of RCD330

As an Automotive technicians by both trade and retail, We supply if there's a need, and if the result is happy from consumer / clients end - we are also happy.

Having said that, this RCD330 Plus (Full name of Composition Media Touch 6.5) has been receiving great feedback for those VW customers who didn't really need Navigation but certainly wanted current technology with Genuine standard and budget price.

Compared to previous High-end Audio RCD510 - It supports

- Bluetooth Phone and Audio Streaming ( Audio streaming was an optional with 510)

- USB Streaming ( 510 did not support it at all)

- SD Card Support ( Only RNS510 supported and that unit's price was rocket high)

- Supports Reversing Camera ( 510 required additional Camera module)

- Compatible with most of Volkswagen vehicles with simple Installation and coding , which all provided by us, Naviplus.

The RCD330 Plug is a definitely worth investment for your VW which does not have current tech equipped - It's missing out Navigation, however in terms of Bluetooth, media and Camera etc all supported in HD screen with budget price ( approx $850.00 for fitted) and mostable, comes with quality of Genuine Volkswagen.

Surely compared to an aftermarket audio units, It will grant solid performance with Radio, bluetooth quality, media stream and fitting wise, as It uses every single parts of Volkswagen OE components.

The RCD330 Plus Installation is currently being offered by Naviplus, for local customers in Victoria, Australia.

Click HERE to view more information in our portfolio page.

Thank you for reading.


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