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Car Model : Volkswagen, Post 2008

Used System : VW RCD330 Plus

Used parts / Contens : OEM Composition Media Touch 6.5"

Category : VW Headunit Upgrade

Reference,Tag : VW Bluetooth, VW Camera, Audio, RCD330, 
                              VolkswagenComposition Media

Compatibility : Volkswagen Golf Mk5

                             Volkswagen Golf Mk6

                             Volkswagen Jetta 

                             Volkswagen Passat

                             Volkswagen Tiguan

                             Volkswagen Polo 6R

                             Volkswagen Transporter

                             Volkswagen Caddy

                             Volkswagen Amarok

                             Volkswagen EOS

                             Volkswagen Sirocco

Below photos were Installed photos on multiple vehicle.
With exact same audio.


We provide this unit and Reverse camera as a

package, with full Installation and coding.

OEM Volkswagen Headunit
RCD 330 Plus


MIB Composition Media Touch Headunit from Volkswagen.

Designed to be compatible with any vehicle that has previous
RCD / RNS audio VW Universal dash layout.


Direct fit without any modification to any of compatible VW vehicles.


Not to mention that It grants a lot more up to dated features and specs

compared to old RCD 510 / RNS  510 Headunits from VW.


The RCD330 Plus headunit is definitely something that will grant up to dated

features and strong reliability as being an OEM Heaudnit from Volkswagen.


HD Resolution Screen.

MIB Composition Media Touch has 6.5" Touch Screen,
With 800 x 480 Resolution which is a HD Grade.

Compared to previous RCD 510 heaudnit with low resolution of 

480 x 234 , It will certainly display an improvement straight away.


Not to mention that It has better responsive Touch screen equipped.


Bluetooth Phone & Audio.

MIB Composition Media Audio (RCD330Plus) comes with

Not just bluetooth phone call but also an Audio stream off from your phone.


And this is probably one of th best reason that our customers were interested & happy

with RCD330 Plus head unit:

Unlike previous 'Optional' Bluetooth modules, RCD330 Plus headunit has 

built-in Bluetooth module that supports both Phone calls and Audio streaming.


Not to mention that It will recongnize most & brand new phones, including

iPhone 7S and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges.


Reversing Camera

MIB Composition Media Audio (RCD330Plus) will be provided

along with Reverse Camera ready platform.


And an Aftermarket camera, which bound to have

better performance can be installed, yet perform as a
genuine Reversing Camera.

Which, in this photo - Naviplus' Sony CCD II Enhanced night vision camera
was Installed.


Due to the screen itself has HD Screen, the rear sight will be also
Clearer and brighter in night.


Media Streaming

MIB Composition Media Audio (RCD330Plus) has multimedia player,
that allows Musics and other supports media files to be
played from variety of sources:


SD Card - Standard within VW these days.

3.5MM AUX - Trusty old classic AUX that lit up your road trip.

USB - Allows USB storage with media files to be inserted
and read through Media player.

Also, It supports VW's MirrorLink (Android Auto) and Apple CarPlay connection.
Which can be used for connection port for your mobile phone.


Also, as mentioned above, It supports Bluetooth Audio Streaming, directly off from your



Smartphone Integration

MIB Composition Media Audio (RCD330Plus) supports
Either Apple CarPlay, or MirrorLink for Android.

Instead of built-in Sat Nav that cost heavy to obtain & maintain with Map update,

by using Mobile Phone connection, It will grant not just Sat Nav powered by
Apple Map / Google Map or any other compatible apps.
but also will grant variety of featrues such as phone / message / music
and other compatible apps.


Be advised that if one has been chosen , It can't go back another.


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