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Horse Float / Caravan Camera system - maximize the security and safety.

Reverse Camera is nowadays a 'standard' and 'essential' feature for vehicles. Talking from experience and feedback, if you ever drove a car with Rear camera, from then you will find it harder than before to park the car without one.

We somewhat think same goes for every vehicles, including those special purpose vehicles like caravan, or even a horse float / trailer in that matter.

Surely outback offroad driving with camping kit / caravan are somewhat iconic image people portarit when it comes to outback Australia.

There are lots of photo / video and infos from ARB 4x4, HEMA Offroad Map providers and bunch of info gets shared within forums / Facebook.

But when it comes to an issue regarding safety of the car and It's towed bundles - there aren't much solutions available.

Well for the vehicle, there are dash cams, Front and Rear camera, sensors and collision bars to minimize the damage / event.

But when It comes to the towed trailer / Horse Float or a caravan - there are only few solutions available.

Talking bit further, lots of the safety systems will be obviously a camera system.

In fact, there are tons of Camera systems available for heavy duty purposes, not just on eBay, retail and even dealerships has those as well, just like below:

This type of camera set ups are common & genenral set up for heavy durty vehicles like Caravan, trailer, trucks, 4WD and even a bus in that matter.

Surely look good on picture and you will never know till you actually use it.

Us, Naviplus - as we provide the best and proper Camera Integated system for cars, here are some points those we reckon are important and recommendable from us.

Not to mention that Naviplus provides high quality system for your caravan / trailers.

Why do you really need a Rearview Camera to be installed on your Caravan / trailer?

Caravan or trailer are genuinely designed to be blocking the sight of cars behind you, especially on straight line, no doubt.

But unless you are driving a standalone caravan, not towed one - you will also have a same issue that you can't see the back of the caravan while parking or stopping.

So you must rely on side mirrors and possibly a bit of luck whenever parking in reverse, while caravan / trailer is towed.

And even if you are confident with reverse parking whilst caravan / trailers are towed,

This type of splitted camera will be an absolute perfect system, especially If It gets fitted on blind sports of the caravan - not that It's impossible to done - , It will surely grant not just park safety but also security check and checking status of the caravan / horse in float etc.

This type of spitted camera will be an absolute perfect system, especially If It gets fitted on blind sports of the van - It will surely grant not just park safety but also security check and checking status of the van / horse in float etc.

Or to an external monitor, Whichever option can be provided and installed by Naviplus.

Just like this - whilst horse float is connected to a vehicle (2014 Toyota Land Cruiser), the additional camera can be displayed on audio display / other monitor,

In more to that, camera can be installed on not just back of the van / trailer but also inside of those.

Have a think about it - that you can check rearview / status of the car's back, or a horses. on either audio display or external display that can be fitted to anywhere you want, that is being displayed while driving / whilst other audio features are running. This isn't something that dealerships offer and yet It's proven to be worth getting it.

It could be more than just adding an aid to reverse parking, but also securing the safety of yours & others vehicle, family and anything that is towed and following you from the behind.

As mentioned above, towed vans or big trailers are designed to be blocking sight of the other drivers behind.

People tend to choose the option of overtaking, but It gives them a risk, especially in straight line

where you can't see incoming traffic / what's happening in front of you.

Ends up horrific accident or glare contest over windows.

At this point some of you say what's the thing got to do with us and our product - Naviplus's rearview backup camera for vans and trailer horse floats,

But the fact that you can actually see the back of the van / trailer , you will know

who's following you in how close & indicate them when It's safe to overtake, could save you lots of stress.

So points of why us, Naviplus reckons those of you with van or trailer should get a Rear camera system:

1. For Monitoring the asset you are towing

(whether It's pile of gold / horse / Cadbury Chocs)

2. For preventing rear hazard -

Not just you slamming on the object while reversing, but also for drivers at rear sight - So you can measure when to brake, stop or indicate for overtake

3. Inside / Blind spot clearance:

The camera can be installed more than one, and can be all displayed in one display, regardless of factory audio display or an external one. This allow you to check the status of the certain corner / area, that side mirror can't grant.

4. Insurance.

You may heard that Insurance company will pull out better deal and compensation for you if your car is equipped with Dash recording Camera, called as 'Dash Cam' in the market.

Same goes for a heavy duty vehicle , tows - If the car is fitted own reverse camera for both parking and monitoring purpose : It will be beneficial for your Insurance coverage and fee.

Also along with brake controller - which is nowadays must have it fitted with independent brakes by law - Surely It will deliver an early spring to your Insuarance fees and cover. Which, we will cover it later :)

5. Because It's something that should be legally required.

Whilst small car like Toyota Yaris now comes with Reverse Camera as a standard feature these days, It's an absurd that big trailers / caravans aren't coming out it as a standard.

Having said that, in near future something like what Samsung invented will all become a standard feature for trailer trucks and vans.

But It's for the future and what you already have, is still superior and important for your entertainment and safety.

Us, Naviplus is willing to assist you in order to achieve it, with profound experience and knowledge from Naviplus and great products from our developers in both local Victoria and Korea will grant you the system with standard and quality you deserve.

Us Naviplus are willing to hear your concern and support you with our best quality & competitive price for Rearview camera system for your caravan or trailer.

Thank you for reading.

Our proud Australian local Suppliers & manufacturers:

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