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[MiRAPlus] Smartphone Integrated to the iDrive - 2013 BMW F20 118i. #1 - Google Navigation and Youtu

While Automotive industries were working with Apple's iOS - for adopting CarPlay system for their brand new cars (which ended up implemented to first runners from late 2015),

Those vehicles came out before that didn't get to receive the Smartphone Integrated System, known as CarPlay. Even as an optional upgrade package.

BMW F20 1 series was one of those, in fact, at this time of 2016, BMW aren't still announcing any further details regarding CarPlay system, since 2015 November.

Yet while reviewrs are expecting it to be arrived on BMW by Oct 2016, starting with F22 2 Series and F30 3 Series - safe to say previous F Line ups and models till Sep 2016 have a really high change of might not receive it at all.

Frankly speaking It's not a total essential feature, It really isn't, It's no longer 06 ~ 12 when BMW charged most of those accessories as an optional feature.

But the perk of lots of apps from phone, displayed on audio display and hansfree operation is granted is somewhat people do want.

And of course, bit of 'why can't I get it while he can, It's a bloody same Beemer with F' mind from some people.

To answer to that demand - that is, if you are ok with an aftermarket product yet grants OEM / sometimes beyond OEM quality -

Naviplus introduces our on CarPlay like system, named a MiRAPlus.

In case you haven't checked it out, MiRAPlus is a Smartphone Integration system, directly to your car's audio display. Basically It has same idea of CarPlay / MirrorLink = showing Apps from mobile phone on audio display, and utilize it via using mobile data off from the phone.

In extention to that : our system grants few more thing:

  • You do not need to rely on dealership / manufacturer. As the system isn't controlled by dealerships' lock / unlock / update

  • Unlimited App usage. Unlike others, It shows any apps / action you make via phone.

  • Wired / Wireless connection. The system uses Its own WiFi system to transfer the video to the audio display. And It does not conflict with neither bluetooth nor mobile network. Wired will require phone to be connected to our module, granting some improvement with streaming (Not 'significantly' outstanding improvement though)

  • Compatible with android and iOS, even Window phones. As long as It has Screen Mirroring / AirPlay / Miracast feature, It is compatible.

  • Doesn't replace nor remove anything from the car. Naviplus's moto is to supply a system that fully integrates into the existing audio system. And MiRAPlus totally complies with it. Having said that, you do not require to replace your audio system to CarPlay enabled Pioneer / Alpine audio system.

  • Doesn't reech mobile data. Although the standard usage of apps from your phone don't really cost much net data from your plan, yet those typical thrid party CarPlay launcher app do - not big amount as you are worried, but relatively more than normal usage - Where as MiRAPlus doesn't have any cost / hidden fee of using it.

Google Map / Apple Map are the most ideal usage of MiRAPlus, as they provide accurate GPS info, fastest route calculation, doesn't require Map dvd or Map card and mostable, due to It uses Internet -

It provides realtime traffic - something that lots of Factory GPS system do not provide as a standard feature.

Yotube video is played on phone - gets displayed on iDrive screen along with sound via factory speaker's Aux

Whilst image will be displayed on Screen, sound gets played through factory speakers via internal Aux connection between car's speaker and MiRAPlus's module.

Consider MiRAPlus system is also compatible with previous BMW models, with CCC or CIC iDrive system that didn't have Bluetooth as a standard - It can be used as a bluetooth instead, as the phone' Mic will be used (which these days, quality is outstanding) while caller / receiver's voice will be played via Factory speakers withuot conflict / screech.

Not to mention you can also do the audio streaming right through the phone, without installing Bluetooth audio streaming nor additional Audio AUX cable.

There are few more features / strength and weakness has to be outlined with MiRAPlus system, and we are planning to upload and share those all with you guys, whenever time allows.

Hopefully we will upload part.2 as soon as we can, maybe by this weekend!

Stay tuned.


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