[MiRAPlus] Smartphone Integrated to the iDrive - 2013 BMW F20 118i. #1 - Google Navigation and Youtu

While Automotive industries were working with Apple's iOS - for adopting CarPlay system for their brand new cars (which ended up implemented to first runners from late 2015),

Those vehicles came out before that didn't get to receive the Smartphone Integrated System, known as CarPlay. Even as an optional upgrade package.

BMW F20 1 series was one of those, in fact, at this time of 2016, BMW aren't still announcing any further details regarding CarPlay system, since 2015 November.

Yet while reviewrs are expecting it to be arrived on BMW by Oct 2016, starting with F22 2 Series and F30 3 Series - safe to say previous F Line ups and models till Sep 2016 have a really high change of might not receive it at all.

Frankly speaking It's not a total essential feature, It really isn't, It's no longer 06 ~ 12 when BMW charged most of those accessories as an optional feature.

But the perk of lots of apps from phone, displayed on audio display and hansfree operation is granted is somewhat people do want.

And of course, bit of 'why can't I get it while he can, It's a bloody same Beemer with F' mind from some people.