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Factory friendly Sat Navigation for Grand Cherokee Laredo -> Proper Family car needs proper guida

Since mid 2014, Jeep has been throwing massive commercial ads through variety of medias. From TV to Youtube, Facebook to Tweeter.

It did show some reduced price compare to previous generation models, maybe they were trying to get rid of the unfortunate title of 'Lemon tree'. Yet still, most of ranges granted more equiped and fuel economy for SUV.

It might be tough game for Jeep to outstand over Toyota's Kluger / Mitsubishi Outlander and even Holden's Captiva. Possibly due to people's perception of 'American Vehicle', or just people think of SRT8 Jeep's notorious thirst Engine (Which has been slightly improved from 2014 models). But, the price of $46K for Laredo Grand Cherokee, the market reviewed it as 'competitive' hence Jeep showed some significant sales record over last few months. Grand Cherokee came with 2 types of Audios, one with 5" display and the other is 8.4". Known as 'UConnect 5.0 (5")' and UConnect (8.4"). Laredo 4x2 comes out with UConnect 5.0, while 4x4 comes with 8.4" UConnect.

The UConnect (8.4") Audio system on Grand Cherokee models.

The problem is, none of those come out with Factory Sat Navigation as a standard for Laredo. Consider lots of vehicles come out with Sat Nav as a standard (for most of trims other than base), this is understandable yet if the Jeep wantd to join the SUV battle against Japanese / Korean cars, they should've considered this to appeal the customers. While Toyota and Holden for example, could supply the factory Nav system within Australia due to genuine Parts / accessories suppliers were located in Australia, Jeep was in unfortunate situation as those genuine parts / accessories are from America and somehow they refused to support Jeep / Chrysler / Dodge by parts only (It's mostly of due to cost disagreement between Aus dealers and US Jeep). Well still, factory Sat Nav isn't only option people will ever have - there are plenty of GPS solution available. (Hey, Melway is kind of solution too.) It's just whether It's going to be benefitial & $ saving for futurewise, or short term pleasant.

As well known facts for those so called GPS solutions - they are usually those external GPS system from Garmin / TomTom / or Google Map app via mobile phone, cheap and handy yet doesn't last long and wires flying around the dashboard isn't something you want.

There are another option, that doesn't replace anythng from your dashboard but adds Sat Navigation system to your factory UConnect Radio.

Its so called 'Factory Integrated Navigation system', literally adds Navigation program to your car, that displays Navigation map whenever you want to.

This type of system isn't new nor old in market, it's just been under the shadow fo those replacement headunits from big manufacturers, yet as technology advances and car's audio system evolves, this system gets massive exposure day by day.

Factory Integrated Sat Navigation - powered by licensed iGO Prmo 9 on Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 2014

The advantage of this system is, obviously it doesn't need to change anything from cars audio. UConnect audio is a solid system and along with big display, it is somewhat suits to family SUV like Jeep. And also, no wires flying around on dashboard, no battery issue, no stress for Police, for touching devices while driving.

The strength of this system is, that while it is fully compatible / retrofit type for factory car audio settings/ overall features, It also grants variety of utility options, such as DVD Player, Multimedia viewer (movie / music / photo) and Mirror Link system - that duplicates Phone's screen to the Car audio display and shows whatever action you make with the phone.

Multimedia option menu - installed on Same Grand Cherokee Laredo 2014, along with Sat Nav

Of course, the system's price isn't somewhat similar to those external GPS gadgets, however It is still cheaper than getting a well known brand replacement headunits, and also a lot cheaper than getting it from dealership.

As Navigation is slowly becoming pre-requisite system whent it comes for customer to choose a car, yet Car industries refuses to give up their profit of option sales we rekcon this type of factory friendly retrofit Sat Nav system could be an ideal option for everyone. Because, Base model doesn't mean It will stuck with base features. Why not look for a better option by your own?


System Features

  • Navigation system that calibrates & fully compatible with 8.4" UConnect Audio

  • Compatible with Reverse Camera fitted - whether it's genuine or Universal.

  • Easy to switch screen between Nav / UConnect, via button behind steering wheel.

  • UConnect system remains same, no such change with radio system required. (Retrofit)

  • Mutlimedia Player add-on : Supports : MP3 / MP4 / MOV / MP2 / MKV / AVI / XVI / JPG / PNG / BMP / TXT *It can play DVD / Blue-Ray files , as long as it's inside of USB storage / SD Card. ** This multimedia option isn't standard - Only Sat Nav is.

  • Multimedia playback via USB connection / SD Card. * Movie playing while driving is strictly prohibited in Australia, and pretty sure the entire world.

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