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Smartphone Integration package - for Audi Q7 4M

This post is about those Audi Q7 4M Series models, mainly manufactured between 2015 and 2016 Nov-ish,

For those models didn't receive any Smartphone Integration package ( CarPlay / Android Auto) like the other Audi vehicles did.

The product we are offering, is obviously an aftermarket one, but It won't cause any change nor removal of existing function / dash parts etc.

It's like using a single monitor between 2 different PCs, with ability to choose which PC to use the display.

The whole integration involves with installing a hardware device , that has CarPlay / Android Auto chipset - along with a patch harness that connects it to the MIB Headunit inside the glove box.

So It doesn't need to go through the screen nor the center audio dash, we don't even remove it during the installation - In case you were worried about the installers ripping the dash apart.

The Apple CarPlay will work with any iPhone with latest iOS, after 6s model.

But given that the Apple has been purposely locking and slowing down their old iPhones under slick title saying 'Performance management', probably the best to have more up to date device.

Android Auto in other hand, whilst they don't have much restriction with the Android OS version, certain brands / devices may not work well - such as Oppo (OnePlus) and Huawei.

Samsung and Pixel phones are by far the best one when it comes to the compatibility and performance.

The other brands are also catching up with the latest Android 11 update which was delivered throughout last few months via Telstra / Optus and Vodafone Australia.

Refer to the below video for the actual operation within the vehicle:


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