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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration - for Early 2011 Lexus CT200h

This isn't something we offer to any vehicles - this particular product is designed for CT200h model, produced from 2011 till early 2012.

The major difference between early CT200h model and mid 2012 onward, is that the early models had older NAV and audio conrol / CAN setup inherited form AL10 RX Series (3rd gen), but with the later version audio they've made for new IS (which arrived 2013).

So bit of a mixed audio parts, in those CT MY11 models, and an aftermarket integration product that relies on CAN info from video / control input, gets confused and does not provide full integration as the CAN communication isn't happening properly.

With this particular vehicle, the audio screen / headunit side is fully compatible with our product.

No issue with the image bypass and no flickering / noise etc.

Reference photo - Control panel in a Lexus RX AL10 - which has the same 'mixed up' audio.

However the control panel - the mouse controller wasn't working within CarPlay / Android auto at all when we were testing. And even with further testing and programming done, didn't help at all.

Normally in this case the alternative solution We'd offer is a touch overlay option.

What It does is, simply overlaying a touch panel on top of the original display, with direct connction to the CarPlay / Android auto device - resulting any inputs you make on touchscreen will sent directly to the device.

However if you look at the inteior of this CT - almost every Lexus in general these days as they've ditched the touchscreen-, the screen is located far from the driver seat. Doesn't matter how tall you are and how long the armspan is, not the best driving pracitice you will need to lean towards it to touch the screen.

So we came up with another solution - using an external control pad.

This is the external pad We use - It somewhat works similar to the naive control panel of those vehicles from Audi / BMW - supporting essential functions like tracking / dial / cancel & back etc.

So It may look weird and confusing when you hear you get an additional control pad to use. But in reality It isn't, because each pads will only work within their own designated display mode.

And here is the video we took right after the installation:

It's a quite straight forward setup and easy to use - especially if you've been using an infotainment audio that uses the control panel in the first place.

Again, this is only for those early 2011-2012 models, our CarPlay & Android Auto Integration unit will work with theh existing control pad of 2012 onward CT models.

Refer to the link below for more info - It will take you to the exact item on our online store:

[2011]Lexus CT200h - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration

Thank you for reading.


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