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AppleTV Integration - for Mercedes Benz's NTG5 Audio20 / COMAND

AppleTV is not something that you'd expect to be in a vehicle - It is certainly not a thing that Apple will provide to car manufacturers, nor the manufacturers will.

Since most of new vehicles, with high end trims are still coming out with a Digital TV or equivalent to it in order to play videos / entertainment media.

And by all means, we do not endorse nor recommend watching any sort of video media while driving, It is strictly illegal for a reason and any naysayers will have higher chance of getting into a car accident than others.

But the fact is that, AppleTV itself grant more than a video aspect, It supports Digital podcast (with subscription required), news (in verbal only), musics, Audible and also the AirPlay - which is Apple's own Smartphone Mirroring designed for iPhones.

Normally we'd recomend CarPlay or Android Auto to our customers as those are properly designed for in-car assistant, but these days those now come as a standard features and perhaps better than aftermarket products even if both are using same licenses.

The perk of AppleTV is, as we said, more versatile usage, not just videos, but also other apps those can assist while you are driving, fully functioning and responsive with siri voice command also.

And the AirPlay will be a big factor, as the smartphone mirroring will always be better than CarPlay since CarPlay has restriction on 'allowed apps'.

The video above, is from the recent installation done on W222 S-Class, S350 2016 model, which was equipped with our Integration device for NTG5 and 4th Gen brand new genuine AppleTV - come to think of It it only shows the video function -

But you will get the idea & able to figure out how you can utilize it once you know what AppleTV can grant.

AppleTV Integration is available for almost every NTG5 equipped Mercedes Benz models - which covers 2015 to 2019 models, and are available from below link (will be updated with more products down the track)

And also, we are offering AppleTV Integrations for other brand models as well, you are always welcomed to email us or msg us through whatever platform, we will be all ears.

Lockdown is almost over for Victorians - stay safe and healthy till we all meet and live again like we used to!

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