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BMW Activation & Map update service - for iDrive EVO iD6

iDrive EVO iD6 in BMW X6 (F16)

We are please to announce that we've commenced coding / update service for BMW - with iDrive EVO6, which covers 2017 onward models.

These photos in this post are all from BMW X6 F16, MY18 model which we recently worked on.

BMW iDrive EVO - AUX Activation

BMW got rid of the AUX input for their base models (and probably upcoming all trims) of their lineups, which isn't really a miss when the car still has Bluetooth Audio / USB / Spotify connection and also Apple CarPlay.

Aux may not be used as much as It used to be back in 2010s, but It seems there are still lots of demand as we do receive requests from the consumers and the BMW dealers - which is why we decided to offer this service, and also It will be needed with the Android Auto Integration which will be mentioned later in this post.

Apple CarPlay - Full Screen coding

BMW started offering Apple CarPlay after iD6 EVO came out - throughout their all line ups regardless of trims. However some BMW owners did not like the fact the it does not show up with a full screen like above photo, but instead splits the screen with iDrive menu running in the background.

Full screen CarPlay - after coding is done

Naviplus offers coding service, to provide full screen Apple CarPlay for BMW iDrive EVO without any change nor removal, nothing will be changed in the car apart from it and no such aftermarket parts will be installed - It's all total programming update, nothing more.

As the coding will be provided directly from us, we are planning to offer this to local BMW owners in Melbourne only, but soon will expand to interstate once our partner audio shop / auto electricians are happy with it.

BMW iDrive EVO - Navigation Map Update

We offer latest Australia Map update for BMW models with ID6 EVO fitted, and also planning to expand it for NBT ID4 / ID5 iDrive as well.

The Navigation will be updated directly through us, providing latest map for entire Australia, latest map guaranteed.

But please note that even if it comes with the latest map info, It may not contain certain speed limit / change of zones etc as those are often not prioritized when collecting regional data by council / government for Map data submission to Navigation makers like NAVTEQ (used to be known as Nokia).

BMW iDrive EVO - Android Auto Integration

Now, the Android Auto was planned to be introduced for BMWs, those from mid 2020 models, with iDrive '7' which crosses out early ID6 EVO models.

And as there is not really a sign from BMW about updating pre-ID7 models, in case if you are after the Android Auto - we are pleased to offer the exact Android Auto Integration for BMW.

Which will be updated on our online store and Youtube / Facebook for press release.

But for the time being, if you are in Melbourne / VIC and wish to get any of above services done for your Bimmer, please contact us below info:

Thank you for reading, and hope you all stay safe.

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