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Caravan Camera Integration - For Ford / Holden and Toyota

We are certain everyone in Aus are waiting ill this COVID pandemic is over and this lockdown gets completely lifted up, so we can go back to normal life.

Some of us in Naviplus are planning on go camping in bush area - and we bet some of you out there are also planning the same.

Let's say if you are travelling - with caravan towed to your vehicle, which will block the rear sight from the car, makes it hard to park the car and near impossible to check behind the caravan while driving.

Of course there are tons of accessories / aftermarket products that can assist with such issues,

from those big side mirrors with wide view angle - to a camera display that turns on & shows you the rear of the caravan whenever you want.

However displays like this could distract you while driving and Australia is slowly heading towards restricting those display / cradle with phone etc on windscreen while you are driving.

Of course caravan / tow camera will need special consideration, but pretty sure all of you will prefer using the original audio display in the car if you could.

And yes, we are planning to introduce our caravan camera integration to suit the needs, starting with some popular vehicles among campers choice -

1. Ford Ranger (PX series II)

Link to the product:

For those with Sync II audio - we are offering Caravan / Tow camera integration kit, compatible with every Ranger, with the 7" Sync Audio screen, from 2015 to 2018 models.

The way this system work is - which will be similar to next 2 other products - , instead of adding additional screen or replacing the original audio, we install video integration device that will transfer the image from caravan's camera to the Ford's Sync2 audio screen.

And we also install the small button, that will trigger display mode switch between radio and caravan camera.

Nothing gets changed from the installation, and everything will continue to work as it should.

Having said that, of course the factory fitted camera will continue to work and shows up first whenever you put the car on reverse - then upon pressing the toggle button It will switch to the caravan camera.

2. Holden Colorado / Trailblazer from 2014 to current models.

Link to the products:

Holden Colorado 2014 - 2016

Holden Colorado 2017 - current

For Holden Colorado - 2014 to 2016

For Colorado / Silverado from 2017 to current

And last, considered as one of the ultimate all rounder SUV - Toyota Landcruiser -

LC200 is considered one of the best SUVs in the market - It'd be absurd for us to not include it on our list.

With the LC200, It provides bit more genuine-like touch, It does not use the external switch button, but uses the NAV button.

Of course the Factory NAV will still display whenever you press it, but when you press and hold it:

It allows you to program the function within the audio display, to show caravan's camera over the factory camera, whilst granting the constant view also, without interfering to the 360' camera system of LC200.

We are working on developing more products, and also aiming to improve previously finished products - like Jeep Grand Cherokee.

More information will be available via our website and our Youtube channel, which you can access via the icons on top right corner of our website.

Thank you for reading.

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