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BMW CIC HIGH / NBT - Apple CarPlay & Android auto Integration

Integration to existing iDrive display

Integration with replacement touch display

For BMW, our Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Integration comes with 2 different ways.

#1 Integration to existing iDrive display-

Which applies to some of CIC iDrive (2008 - 2012) and majority of NBT / EVO iDrives from 2013 to current:

Which is, just like first 2 videos from above - integrating CarPlay / Android Auto into existing iDrive, without any change nor removal from the vehicle's iDrive whatsoever.

Complete retrofit type that won't require any sort of replacement parts nor modification on appearance / existing function.

Some of those similar products on the market provide such function for music tracks, using the arrow keys on the steering wheel.

However they often have incompatibility issue ( We are definitely not saying every others have such issue - this is purely based on our experience of many different CarPlay products on the market)

Especially for CIC HIGH iDrive equipped ones - they have quite different spec compared to NBT iDrive, whilst most of aftermarket CarPlay products are designed for NBT, not really optimized for CIC HIGH.

Resulting the steering wheel controls to not function as same as later year models,

due to that CIC HIGH does not have Bluetooth Music function nor some of media function, those buttons will only work within radio and music files transferred from USB.

However our own CarPlay & Android Auto for BMW CIC-HIGH, will offer full function, not via the steering wheel but using the control dial itself, to shift Left & right for tracking function.

Also, when it comes to Reversing camera - CIC-HIGH iDrive equipped models tend to not have Reverse camera nor associated function.

They do have visual sensor screen, however you can't turn it off once you put the car to reverse then return to Parking / Drive.

Which is quite a big deal, as for us, when we do the installation on customers vehicle, If they happen to have a Bimmer with above spec, they also want the reverse camera to be fitted as well.

And when the car doesn't have the PDC function, that allows you manually turn sensor screen on / off:

PDC screen - shows up when reversing (if the car doesn't have rear cam)

as the car doesn't have the function to switch from the camera to the original screen nor CarPlay, other CarPlay devices will not be able to rectify it by itself, resulting the sensor image to stay there forever

Our product eliminates that issue, by detecting camera's power and CAN info transfer status and turns off the sensor screen from the iDrive display, allowing you to see the main iDrive menu and CarPlay back.

Our products are available from these links below:

CIC iDrive Integrated CarPlay / Android Auto:

NBT and above:

#2 - Replacing the display.

Which works with pretty much enitre range of iDrive, from 1st iDrive CCC to current NBT EVO 5 and 6.

The difference is that this actually does replace the hardware from the vehicle, but only display though - iDrive headunit itself will still function in the vehicle,

in fact - iDrive headunit's performance is still crucial for our unit's performance also, as it relies on it for bluetooth and audio purpose.

For CCC iDrive:

For CIC iDrive:

For NBT and above:

As BMW now offers CarPlay / Android Auto for their vehicles from Factory, current / Brand new models are no longer need our products nor we have interest to make our products compatible with those - why would you need another one when you already got one, right? -

Yet for previous year models, we always offer our products after tons of testing, installation and receiving feedbacks from previous customers.

Feel free to contact us if you need any sort of support.

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