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Reverse Camera kit for NTG2 COMAND audio now in stock

The reverse camera retrofit kit, for NTG2 COMAND infotainment system of Mercedes Benz is now back in stock.

NTG2 / NTG3 COMAND were somewhat Mercedes Benz's 'proper' Infotainment system, which was available since sometime around 2002, started with W220-176 S-Class models.

Given that the audio is almost 2 decades old, they barely ever had such update nor upgrade available after 2010, due to MB terminated the software update for those.

And although those cars with such audio are surely really old, no doubt they are still pride and joy of someone.

For lots of vehicles around that era, owners do know that latest tech like DAB / CarPlay / Android Auto etc will require audio replacement to an aftermarket, which is understandable as there's no way those old infotainment can have such high tech functions.

But for the parking assistance, although the display of NTG 2 / 3 COMAND is outdated and lack of both resolution and image quality, they are still full color screen and have enough spec to display camera sight.

Like above - which we've installed on 2006 CLS350 that had NTG3 COMAND - the image quality is clearly grainy and lesser than current models.

But for those car enthusiasts who want their car look 'original as possible', this may be a considerable upgrade to add Rear camera, or even Front parking camera to the existing screen, and in fact this CLS job was given to us due to that exact reason, as the customer was intending to keep the car for a long time.

This reverse camera kit, for NTG2/NTG3 COMAND comes with 2 components, one is the 1) video interface that transfers image from 2) Reverse Camera, and of course hard wire between those.

The Interface will be installed 'inside' the COMAND audio headunit, without any soldering nor removal of existing component / MCB boards.

And once the installation is done, whenever you put the car on reverse, It will show you the rear sight straight away, directly from the camera at the back.

Also, the interface is not just limited for the camera usage as it also supports other video inputs (although not HDMI grade nor digital though), yet as to be used on COMAND system, it will most likely need other components hence we will cover that in other post.

The Reverse Camera Kit for Mercedes Benz with NTG2 / NTG3 COMAND, is available from our online store - click below image to open dedicated link.

Thank you for reading, and hope you all stay safe.

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