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Updates - Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Integration for Mercedes Benz - Where we at now

For us, Mercs are probably sitting on top of brands list those frequently visit our workshop / we work on.

In fact that some of us were former technicians worked for Mercedes Benz service department, hence when it comes to Merc, we are proud to say that we have knowledge and skills for both mechanical and auto electrical.

It was about 2017 when we tested CarPlay and Android Auto on Mercedes, for about 8 months, and since then, we've been constantly testing on local vehicles, and often overseas models, such as GLK and those other variants never been sold in Australia.

And now, we have list of compatible vehicles, which is pretty much fits entire range of Mercedes from 2010 to current - of course not those ones with factory fitted CarPlay or Android Auto - .

Which can be found from below link:

2010 - 2014/2015 with NTG4 level Audios:

2015 - current with NTG5 level Audios:

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