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Apple CarPlay Integration on cockpit display of Audi TT

We recently have uploaded the video above - for Integration of Apple CarPlay on 2017 Audi RSTT model with virtual cockpit display.

The cockpit display with MIB will be used for CarPlay / Android auto, whilst nothing gets changed nor removed from the car.

Of course it's a hardware retrofit not a software activation nor update.

Yet works like Audi fitted one after.

Which will show up like above - and it uses the existing MMi control pad:

Since the screen is within odometer, there's no way we make the screen touch functional like certain product we offer, instead it uses those buttons and rotary controller.

Whilst the sound will be played through car speakers - regardless of whether it has premium sound system or not -, with internal AUX Connection.

Meaning that not phone but our device will connect to sound system via aux connection, whilst the phone will just connect with USB Cable.

And from there, any sound from CarPlay will played through the speakers, and with the phone calls, it will use Audi's native bluetooth.

And of course it supports Apple Map, Google Map, Waze and Sygic as a default Navigation app. which all can be used with the MMi dial pad or voice command via Siri.

As the product uses HDMI standard quality, the high res screen works really well compared to other previous gen Audi models, those with low resolution or screen limitation.

The Audi TT Integrated CarPlay / Android Auto kit is available from below link:

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