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Apple CarPlay for BF Falcon - Special order & Installation for that One customer.

BA & BF Falcon's Sync Audio - Quite rare audio option for those series.

Probably the one of those most sold vehicles in Australia - Ford Falcon.

Despite the fact that majority of them came with basic audio and basic features, some XR8, FPV and other high trims came with color audio screen.

Although it wasn't a touch screen nor had luxury feature fitted - still better than those black and white calculator screen.

And not sure how much attraction it will cause, and not knowing whether this will interest people, but here it is -

Android Auto / Apple CarPlay for BA / BF Falcon.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are certainly at center of the trends in Automotive industry. As lots of new car buyers want those in their vehicle, and tons of people are after those to be fitted in their trusted steeds.

Whilst Ford Falcon ended up never having any of those and the whole series got finished - It's down to previous BA, BF, FG Falcons with color audio screen, along with chance of receiving those.

For BA and BF, as the audio itself had quite low resolution (was not designed for fancy color multimedia feature), the image quality will never be good as current brand new vehicle's one.

Yet at the same time, the small size of the screen at least doesn't make it pixelated, and bottom line is, It's a 2017 tech in 04 - 08 models.

Out of all those Falcon with color audio screen, we reckon only less than 3 of those have this feature installed, including our testing vehicle and one in Sydney who installed in his vehicle via our fellow auto electrician.

Apple CarPlahy and Android Auto is available for BA and BF Falcon from 04 to 08 models.

Exclusively provided for Melbourne customers at this stage.



03 9995 6580

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