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Major Alfa Romeo products updates From Naviplus - on 940 Giulietta series

UConnect 6.5" for Alfa Romeo - from Giulietta 2016 model.

For quite long time, us Naviplus did not upload nor advertised anything about Alfa Romeo and its vehicles.

Not that we have anything against it, but due to we didn't have opportunity to test nor investigate what's available for the vehicle.

And fortunately, as now Alfa vehicles are well equipped, compared to their early & mid 2000s, we had an opportunity to check out their Factory infotainment - UConnect 5 and 6.5" audio

And with majority of the UConnect audio coming with GPS Navigation as a standard, We thought of offering something else, that people would love to have one in their vehicle yet at the same time can't be done as Alfa Romeo either does not provide it as a standard nor optional accessories.

#1. Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are certainly at center of the trends in Automotive industry. As lots of new car buyers want those in their vehicle, and tons of people are after those to be fitted in their trusted steeds.

Surely It will happen one day, yet at this moment Alfa Romeo does not provide neither Android Auto nor CarPlay.

Us, Naviplus provides CarPlay and Android Integration on Factory UConnect Infotainment system - 6.5" version of Giulietta model.

Without any change nor removal of existing features / appearance, as we promise to all other products of ours.

#2. Reversing Camera

Quite lots of European brands put the reversing camera as an optional accessory for their vehicles, and same goes to Giulietta and probably other current Alfa Romeo vehicles.

Which, with Naviplus's UConnect Integration platform, It allows up to install not just Rear camera but also front camera to be integrated, on that same UConnect 6.5" Screen.

With support coming up for UConnect 5" basic infotainment system also, Naviplus offers variety of faster, smarter and better integration solutions for Alfa Romeo Giulietta 940 Series.



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