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Update on CarPlay for Audi - A4 A5 Q5 solution receives revision and improvement.

Factory audio integrated Apple CarPlay Setup - For Audi vehicle with non-MMi.

As Naviplus is currently offering an Apple CarPlay, Integrated along with touch screen for Audi vehicles, throughout the range between 09 - 15 vehicles:

3 Audi vehicles - Audi A4 / A5 and Q5 without MMi audio setup, but with Symphony or Concert audio is now also available with CarPlay, without touch screen option.

Instead of adding touch digitizer for dedicated touch function, It uses the existing audio control on the audio console, meaning that uses Factory dial knob and buttons to control CarPlay on the screen.

In our opinion, It is somewhat suitable for drivers as they've been using control dials for general control of the audio setup, thus using CarPlay apps with the dial knob, isn't a big deal nor stress for them.

Not to mention that it's very responsive and the selector moves as soon as you spin the dial.

And of course, you got the SiRi as well thus just command with 'HEY SIRI" will automatically open up Siri and wait for your voice command.

Just like any other Integration product / service we provide, none of this features will require you / your car to lose such functions or go through heavy modification nor change.

Completely Factory secured - meaning that nothing will be changed nor removed from the vehicle, but adding Factory fitted-like CarPlay for your iPhone.

This Factory dial controlled Apple CarPlay for Audi, is currently only available for 3 vehicles -

Audi A4 B8 / B8.5

Audi A5 8T

Audi Q5

From 2009 to 2015, those without 3G MMi nor Factory fitted Navigation, but with basic 6.5" Screen and Symphony / Concert Audio.

In fact, those 3 are the only one that had option of 3G non MMi vs MMi anyway.

Pricing and info can be found from below link, with list of CarPlay available for above vehicles:



03 9995 6580

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