Porsche 911 GT3 - Apple CarPlay and Parking Camera setup Integrated into Factory PCM Audio

This blazing red Porsche 911 GT3 has visited us back in first week of 2018 - 4th of Jan,

for Integration of 3 products:

- 180' Front Camera with 3 different view mode supported.

- Reversing Camera with dynamic guidelines.

- Apple CarPlay with dedicated USB to Lightning adapter.

Quite a disappointment that consider this vehicle should've costed well over 350k when purchased, yet missing out even basic parking assist feature like rear sensors.

Of course Porsche isn't about how well it can save the car from reversing into the wall, yet the owner did not like the idea of having complete blind when parking, thus gave Naviplus Team a call shortly after the new years day and booked in as a first customer of the year.

And below are some details from the installation.

180' view Front Camera, with 3 different multi-view supported.