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Porsche 911 GT3 - Apple CarPlay and Parking Camera setup Integrated into Factory PCM Audio

This blazing red Porsche 911 GT3 has visited us back in first week of 2018 - 4th of Jan,

for Integration of 3 products:

- 180' Front Camera with 3 different view mode supported.

- Reversing Camera with dynamic guidelines.

- Apple CarPlay with dedicated USB to Lightning adapter.

Quite a disappointment that consider this vehicle should've costed well over 350k when purchased, yet missing out even basic parking assist feature like rear sensors.

Of course Porsche isn't about how well it can save the car from reversing into the wall, yet the owner did not like the idea of having complete blind when parking, thus gave Naviplus Team a call shortly after the new years day and booked in as a first customer of the year.

And below are some details from the installation.

180' view Front Camera, with 3 different multi-view supported.

The front camera has fitted behind the reg.plate and grille area, with standalone bracket.

Without drawing hole nor damaging the bumper.

Provides 3 different view - from bird top view, standard Front view and left and right side views.

Obviously it has difference compared to a standard & ordinary Front camera , that:

- It does not require draw of a hole to mount the camera.

- It does not need an audio replacement nor need 2nd Screen, all displays on existing PCM 3.1 Audio display of Porsche.

- Comes with 2 buttons - 1 for turning Front Camera ON / OFF, and the other to cycle through view modes.

Since there are lots of Factory reversing camera setup, supporting these sort of view modes for eliminating 'blind spot' - It will greatly help lowered & wide vehicles like Porsche.

Rear Camera, with dynamic guidelines.

The Reversing camera was also installed on middle of bumper bar - precisely 'mid of bumper reg.plate garnish trim'.

And just like factory fitted reversing camera, as soon as you put the car on reverse, rear sight will show up straight away, along with dynamic guideline, that will follow direction of the steering wheel.

Not to mention that We've used camera with Sony CCD II lens, that has enhanced night vision and better contrast compared to previous CCD ones.

Apple CarPlay, that pretty much anyone would keen to have one in their vehicle.

The Apple CarPlay is currently being provided for new Porsche vehicles with PCM4 gen audio. Whereas for previous PCM3.1 audios, they are not supported nor will be supported down the track.

Hence, the owner of this GT3 strongly wanted one.

The perk of our Smartphone Integration platform is that, it also provides Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay within same platform.

Pretty much either will be loaded on the screen, depends on which phone has been connected.

Consider that Porsche declared that they will not add Android auto to the PCM audio - possibly a solid option for those Android users.

Just like normal CarPlay, it's featured with phone, music, Apple Map, message, variety of podcast / DAB Apps along with streaming apps like Spotify.

The best part of this, according to the customer was that he was offered with ridiculous amount of quote, of changing the audio unit to a Pioneer Double din unit with CarPlay and Android Auto, and also inclusive of changing amplifier and sound system.

Which customer did not wanted at all due to he didn't want an aftermarket audio to took over and lose original functions.

As Naviplus's Integration products are strictly prevents such audio change nor function loss, It was a solid option to the customer, thus chosen to brought the car down to Melbourne to do the full installation by Navplus team.

Naviplus's Porsche PCM audio integrated Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, along with camera add-on is available for not just GT3, but pretty much every Porsche that came after 2009, with PCM 3.1 audio, that includes:

  • Cayenne

  • Macan

  • Panamera

  • Cayman

  • 911 Series

All of above are supported, with PCM audio like below:

Naviplus's Apple CarPlay / Android Auto & Camera integration service is currently available for local customers in Melbourne and other major cities in Australia.

Feel free to contact Naviplus Team for more details or info of what we can offer for your Porsche and any other brand vehicles.

Thank you for reading.

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