Apple CarPlay Retrofit Upgrade is available older Audi vehicles- from 2009 to 2016

Factory Apple CarPlay Setup - For Audi A4 2017 models.

As Apple CarPlay is available for latest models from car manufacturers, most of 'near new' or recent models are left with same / similar looking Infotainment screen systems, yet missing out Apple CarPlay features and can't be updated.

Due to most of Factory infotainment systems those came out before Apple CarPlay equipped one, will not have video inputs to support connecting your phone

for Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto also.

For Audi, from 2017, most of Audi vehicles came out with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and some RS / S Line models came with both as an optional purchase.

Whilst is a great gesture that AUDI do offers one like Mercedes Benz and BMW ,

It is only available for new ones / higher trims, and even with those high end / flagship Audi vehicles, like RS5, RS6, A8 etc those had glory of having RS / S-Line badge on themselves with significant amount of price tag on them , are not compatible nor supported by Audi no matter what.

Furthermore, even if for brand new vehicles, not every vehicle come with Apple CarPlay system.

Having said that, early Audi models from 2009 , or even brand new bases models are either nowhere near having CarPlay nor have to purchase it as an optional package before car gets delivered.

So the questions are, Will Audi provide support for those cases, and will owners in that situation not be able to get one in their vehicle?

In our opinion, the answers are No and Yes.

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